Which method of hair transplant is recommended for Females FUE or FUT?

I have been experiencing hair loss for over 7 years and I’m considering on undergoing a hair transplant. My hair is both thinning on the top and my hair line is receding. I’ve been told that I have a very thick donor site in the back of my head by a couple of doctors I’ve consulted with. Which method would be best for me FUE or the traditional Strip Hair Transplant

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Parsa Mohebi, MD
Beverly Hills, CA

FUE or FUT for Female Hair Loss

Most women with hair loss can use both methods to restore their hair. We used to only offer FUT procedure through a strip method for women who needed a hair restoraiton. Most women keep their hair longer and they don't mind if they have a line of scar on the donor area on back and sides of their scalp. However, we get more female patients who want to have their hair restored using an FUE methods these days. That makes sense since the FUE is becoming more efficient with the new technology that is available to us know it could be offered to both men and women. Women who get an FUE don't need to shave their head but only a layer on the back and sides that can easily get covered if they don't have a short hair. These women usually consider the following as advantages of a FUE hair transpalnt: 1. No linear scar on the donor area 2. Less pain and discomfort comparing with a strip procedure 3. No risk of other complications sich as hyperthrophic, strretched scar or necrosis on the donor area