What is the cost of hair transplant in Los Angeles

I am in my 40s and have been seeing some thinning on my hairline specially on the corners on both sides. I have been using finasteride for a few years but it has not helped. I am thinking hair transplant. I don't think I need a big hair restoration but something to fill the corners and keep it a bit more dense in the next few years. I am interested to know what would be the costs of something like that in Los Angeles. Thanks,

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Parsa Mohebi, MD
Beverly Hills, CA

The price of Hair Restoration Surgery in LA

Los Angeles is one of the destinations for quality hair transplant and there are many centers doing this procedure. The cost of a hair transplant has to do with the number of grafts and the types of procedures. We currently do most of our procedure with FUE method. The cost of a regular FUE procedure is currently $8 per grafts. If your hair loss is limited to the corners you only need a small number of grafts. Although at times after our evaluation we realize that there is more microscopic signs of further hair loss on a larger area of scalp. You may need 800 - 1200 grafts (average 1000). So the total cost of your hair transpalnt will be about $8,000. Obviously that number could change if you chose one of the more expensive hair restoration procedures like: Celebrity Hair Transplant in which we don't have to shave the donor area in order to harvest hair. We recommend an in person or virtual consultation to determine the total number of grafts. adf
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