What goes into the total cost of a hair transplant?

I am a 30+ male interested in having a hair transplant but I am very confused by pricing across the country. Why is there not an industry standard for hair transplant pricing per graft? How is the price determined and does it vary by the amount of follicles in the graft?

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Parsa Mohebi, MD
Beverly Hills, CA

Price of a Hair Transplant Surgery

The cost of a hair transplant has to do with the number of grafts that are needed and the cost per grafts. The larger area of balding that requires transplantation the higher the number of grafts and the more expensive the hair transplant is. The number of grafts is usually determined after a doctor consultation based on the hairline design. The cost per grafts can be different depending on the doctor performing it and his/her experience. There might be other factors such as the type of hair transplant. Some hair trnaspants are more demanding than others such as non-shaven hair transplant. At times eyebrow or beard hair transplant may have differnet prices too.