How to fix a bad lip filler?

What is the process for fixing lip filler that isn’t done correctly? I just had my lips injected a few weeks ago and I feel like my lips are uneven. How is this corrected? Do they add more filler or should I get it dissolved?

1 Expert Answers

If you have received bad lip filler, the best course of action is to seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced medical professional. They can assess your situation and recommend appropriate treatment options, which may include dissolving the filler using hyaluronidase injections. Attempting to remove the filler yourself or through unqualified means can be dangerous and may cause further damage or complications. A typical rule of thumb in my practice is to give the lips a minimum of 2 weeks to settle down. If you are still unhappy at that point, it may be time to go back to the original injector and discuss your options.