Forehead Reduction Vs Hair Transplant for MTF Transgender

I already had 2 hair transplants before I became a MTF transgender. And I have a very good scalp laxity that my doctor recommends a forehead reduction so that he can lower my hairline and have a natural look. Im wondering what you guys can recommend, is it forehead reduction or hair transplant? Picture of a model that has similar hairline as mine.

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Forehead Reduction Vs Hair Transplant for MTF Transgender

The answer is determined by the hairline shape of the person. If a male to female transgender developed significant frontal balding, then only a hair transplant makes sense as it can create a nice female hairline.

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Parsa Mohebi, MD
Beverly Hills, CA

Hair Transplant for MTF transgender

I recommend hair transplants for a male to female transgender individuals. If you already had some hair transplant it means many of the frontal hair is already transplanted. The picture you shared shows a hairline with receded corners that is characteristic of a masculine hairline. A hair transpalnt can easily lower the corner and create a conservative feminine hairline or if you prefer a more aggressive female hairline as long as your donor reserver allows that. We don't recommend a forehead reduction surgery sine it is more aggressive and it leaves a linear scar in front. While it used to be a great option in past; today, with the advanced methods of hair restoration there is not a place to udergo this proceudre. The line of scar with a too solid of a hairline right behind it are often unnatural. The patients still need another proceudre to maintain an undetectable hairline.
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