Can estrogen and testosterone blockers treat male pattern baldness?

Im a MTF transgender and Iam m planning to do a big hair transplant procedure. I have a family history of male pattern baldness both on my father and mother side. By taking Estrogen and Testosterone blockers how it will help my hair loss in the future?

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Parsa Mohebi, MD
Beverly Hills, CA

Testostrone blockers for treating male hair loss

A hair transplant is a great option for an MTF transgender process. In fact, I believe this is one of the most important procedures that can create the transition toward a feminine look. If individuals who undergo this process are not prone to male patterned baldness, a hair transplant is sufficient to create a female hairline. However, if you are risking losing more hair on the front, top, or crown you need to minimize the effect of male hormones (mostly dihydrotestosterone or DHT). DHT blockers are among the medications that are used by many MTF individuals. The alternative will be testosterone blockers like spironolactone that blocks all effects of testosterone. That is something that most MTF transgender desire. That helps them to have better skin and get rid of other effects of testosterone. Estrogen blockers on the other hand are not part of the treatments that are currently recommended for MTF transgender. If anything, these patients can use female hormones for developing feminine characteristics.