Phenol Peel

Phenol peels are the deepest type of chemical peel and they address imperfections such as acne scars, blotchy skin and coarse wrinkles. This peel uses carbolic acid to treat the skin. The patient is put under sedation and anesthesia is used to ease any discomfort. The chemical solution is applied to the skin and the patient may feel a mild burning or tingling sensation. The phenol solution is left on the skin for a certain amount of time and it is then washed off with water. A soothing ointment is applied to the area.

Patients will need to be examined by a doctor to determine if they are an ideal candidate for a phenol peel as opposed to having a lighter peel. The bleaching effect makes this a less than ideal treatment for patients with dark skin or freckles. Once an ideal candidate is determined, the treatment is a good option for patients that wish to treat wrinkles, improve the look and feel of the skin and reduce signs of aging and dark patches on the skin.

The cost of a phenol peel depends on the depth of the peel, the amount of time the peel is left on the patient, the area of the country where it is performed and any fees charged by the doctor or the facility. The cost is anywhere from $600-$1000. The treatment is so powerful that only one treatment, and one payment, is needed to achieve the desired results.

After the treatment has been completed, patients need to take steps to protect the new skin against possible sun damage. The final results provide a dramatic rejuvenation that should last for years. The skin will be clearer and more youthful thanks to the elimination of deep wrinkles and discoloration.

Phenol Peels

Phenol Peels

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Phenol peel is a type of chemical peel used for facial skin resurfacing. It helps rejuvenate and tighten the skin as well as reduce wrinkles. The chemical used for the peel consists of a mixture of different chemicals with phenolic acid as the main ingredient. Other ingredients include water,...