IDEAL Breast Implants

IDEAL Breast Implant gives women a beautiful look and natural feel with the safety of only saline inside the implant. The procedure is done by placing implants behind breast tissue or under the chest muscle. The implant is filled with saline but has an internal structure consisting of a series of nested shells that support the upper pole and control fluid movement. It combines certain features and benefits of saline and silicone gel implants. The filler is only saline but, much like silicone gel, it does not have the risk of silent rupture. This implant contours to the curves of the chest and has the look of natural breasts.

The patient should be in good overall health and a non-smoker. A suitable candidate should also be free from bleeding tendencies and infections and willing to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption during the healing period. The procedure is not ideal for pregnant or breastfeeding women. In order to be eligible to undergo the procedure the patient must be at least 22 years or older. However, in some cases approved by a doctor, saline breast implants can be placed in women beginning at the age of 18.

The typical cost for an IDEAL implant ranges from $6600 - $8000. The final cost varies depending on the actual cost of the implants, fees charged by the surgeon or hospital, any necessary medical tests, the surgeon’s level of expertise, the geographic location of the procedure and if any other procedures are performed at the same time.

IDEAL implants control movement and minimize any sort of folding or winkling to create a naturally curvaceous look. Recovery can be uncomfortable for the first 24 to 48 hours after breast augmentation but medications can help with this. The gauze dressings applied to the breasts immediately following surgery will be removed after a few days and replaced with a special surgical bra. Stitches may be removed after 7 to 10 days. The patient should avoid bending, lifting or straining as these can all delay healing and increase pain. The majority of implants can last 10-20 years without complications.

IDEAL Structured Breast IMPLANT®

IDEAL Structured Breast IMPLANT®

submitted on   Tue May, 24, 2016 by Larry Nichter, MD     
The IDEAL IMPLANT® is essentially a structured double-lumen saline implant similar to a balloon within a balloon, complete with an inner and outer shell that not only supports the shape but also gives the implant a more natural feel. Depending on the size of the implants, in the outer  lumens...