Enlighten Tattoo Removal

Enlighten is a laser that uses energy to remove a tattoo and bring the skin back to its original appearance. The laser wavelength is customized to deliver a burst of energy to the tattoo while preventing damage to the surrounding skin. This energy shatters the ink in the tattoo and the body’s immune system gets rid of the ink. This process removes the tattoo without leaving any scarring. Enlighten is capable of removing tattoos faster than other lasers currently available and may be able to completely erase a tattoo in as few as 3-5 sessions.

Individuals who experience tattoo regret are excellent candidates for the Enlighten laser. Enlighten is safe for all skin types including dark complexions. Some tattoos are easier to remove such as tattoos done exclusively in black ink, tattoos that are old and tattoos that were not done by a professional. Advancements in technology give the Enlighten laser the capability to remove tattoos in all colors.

The cost of tattoo removal depends on the tattoo size and location and the complexity of removing the tattoo. This includes the tattoo’s color, age, the particle size of the ink and depth of the ink particles. Multiple treatment sessions may be necessary. The cost can range from $300-$1500.

After the procedure, patients are given directions on bandaging and caring for the area. The area will be red and sore for a few days then then it will become itchy as the immune system gets rid of the ink. Within a week of the session, the tattoo will become lighter. The results of the tattoo treatment are permanent.

Enlighten Laser by Cutera

Enlighten Laser by Cutera

submitted on   Fri Mar, 25, 2016 by Jeffrey Rockmore, MD     
Enlighten laser by Cutera is a picosecond laser that can be used to treat and remove tattoos. The Enlighten laser actually has two lasers within it that allow it to treat tattoos as well as remove pigmented lesions. Brown spots are very common and a lot of people like to have them removed...