Woman Spends $17,000 to Get a Beyonce Booty

Posted October 10, 2017
Woman Spends $17,000 to Get a Beyonce Booty

A 27-year-old childcare worker from Melbourne recently had cosmetic surgery, at a cost of $17,000, in an effort to make her booty as big as the one on Beyoncé.

Tanya Bird, who had a Brazilian butt lift to boost the volume in her backside, says she is thrilled with the results. When speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Bird explained how a car accident in 2013 left her injured to the point that she was unable to exercise at the gym. “After the accident I couldn't do heavy squats. So this year I decided to reward myself with the bum I could have had if I hadn't of had to go through all that. Plus, genetically I wasn't very gifted in that department.”

She decided to have surgery to get her “Beyoncé booty” after meeting with a surgeon at Cosmos Clinic in Sydney. On the day of her surgery, Bird had Vaser 4D liposuction to remove fat from her hips, stomach and thighs.

While she has not (yet) seen how her new booty looks in clothing thanks to the compression garments she is wearing post-op, she is excited to see the results. She is usually a size 10 but she will now be a size 12 thanks to the procedure. Bird expects that the search for a pair of jeans that fits to be “a bit of a struggle” but she is ready to face the challenge. While preparing for her bigger backside, she bought 20 pair of leggings she looking forward to filling out in the near future.

Overall, she reports that the reaction to her spending $17,000 on the surgery has been positive. She feels that speeding the money was worth it because “It's a full body makeover. It's a new person being born. I feel more confident and happier now.”



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