Tummy Tuck - Secret Surgery that can't be seen on Video Calls

Posted September 02, 2020
Tummy tuck - Secret surgery that is not seen on video calls

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to analyze their appearance thanks to the amount of time they spend viewing their look on video calls for work. Since a good amount of the population is being required to work from home, they have started to worry about their overall look. They are also taking the time to make changes to areas of the body that cannot easily be viewed, which includes almost anything below the clavicle, on a computer screen during a video call. One of the most popular “secret surgery” options that can’t be seen during video chats is a tummy tuck, AKA abdominoplasty, which targets excess fat and skin on the body and also addresses any separation that has occurred between the abdominal muscles.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Explained

A tummy tuck is designed to target the appearance of stretch marks and excess skin that a person has developed due to a large weight loss or pregnancy. While everyone is born with a natural separation between both sides of their rectus muscle, surgery is the only way to address any changes that have occurred beyond the natural separation.

During the beginning of the tummy tuck surgery, the doctor will create an incision that stretches across the bikini line of the patient. After the incision is created, the surgeon can begin any excess skin and fat removal and also tighten the abdominal muscles that have been separated due to the pregnancy of a patient.

The surgeon will lift the skin of the patient that is located near the underlying muscles that are being targeted for tightening. The abdominal muscles are then stitched together to restore their tightness.

Once the muscles are tightened, the surgeon will address any excess skin that is located in the abdomen area of the patient. The skin that was lifted is pulled tight and any excess skin is removed. In addition, the skin that is located above the belly button is pulled down so it covers the upper and the lower abdomen. The surgeon will also create a new hole for the belly button.

Tummy Tuck Options

The total amount of changes that can be made to the appearance of a person depends on the type of abdominoplasty that is performed by the surgeon. When it comes to a tummy tuck, there are two options available for surgeons to perform:

  1. A mini tummy tuck has an incision created by the surgeon that runs from one inner thigh to the other inner thigh
  2. A full tummy tuck has an incision created by the surgeon that runs across the entire stomach as it goes from one side of the hip to the other side of the hip

The type of incision created by the surgeon is the factor that makes the difference in how much skin is removed by the surgeon. During a mini tummy tuck, the surgeon will normally only stitch together the lower section of the rectus muscles.

No matter which type of tummy tuck procedure is performed, the surgeon places drains in the stomach so any excess fluid that accumulates while the patient is healing can be removed from the body. In general, the drains remain in place for about a week after the tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

There are a few reasons that patients did not have abdominoplasty surgery in the past. They did not have the time to recover at home because of work responsibilities or too many family commitments like sports and school. In addition, they did not want to explain the surgery to their friends and family or have to avoid being seen by others during the recovery period.

Due to the pandemic causing more people than ever to stay home for extended periods of time, more people are choosing to have surgical procedures since they have to stay inside at home.

Once the surgery has been performed, patients will need to take a few weeks off work in order to recover from the procedure. They are able to enjoy some light walking but are advised to not perform any type of strenuous activity for two weeks. After the tummy tuck surgery is over, it will be a few days before patients are able to stand up straight. This means a person might have to walk in a way that is slightly bent over due to the tightness they are now experiencing in the abdomen muscles. It generally takes about five weeks before patients can begin to resume their normal activities.

Thanks to working at home during the tummy tuck recovery process, patients are able to participate in video calls and answer emails without anyone being aware that they are recovering from the surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Consultation Appointment

Patients that are interested in having a tummy tuck need to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing the procedure. The surgeon will discuss the desired goals of the patient and let the person know if a tummy tuck is the ideal option for their particular case. In addition, the surgeon will show the patient “before and after” photos of actual patients so the person will be able to see the type of results that can be expected after the tummy tuck surgery.



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