Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures - Hot Treatments in 2021

Posted January 06, 2021
Hottest cosmetic surgery procedures in 2021

The continuing need to wear face masks and maintain a social distance from friends and loved ones continues to be a priority as 2021 begins. The need for quarantine is also leading to an ongoing desire for self-care as patients try and retain some level of normal life. Cosmetic surgery procedures grew in popularity last year as people tried to alter their appearance after viewing how they looked on Zoom calls for work.  As the New Year begins, let’s take a look at the hottest cosmetic treatments for patients at the start of 2021.

Botox and Botox Brow Lifts

The need to wear a face mask in public has made people very aware of the appearance of their eyes as well as the condition of the skin that is around the eyes. The desire to maintain a youthful look to the upper half of the face has created an increase in demand for cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Botox brow lifts.

In pre-COVID times, these treatments would normally be requested by patients that already had wrinkled skin in the area around the eyes. Thanks to the highlighting of the top portion of the face while wearing a face mask, many people are now choosing to undergo Botox or a brow lift before they have a pronounced amount of wrinkles that can easily be viewed by others.

Botox is injected into the targeted area of the face, such as the forehead, in order to provide a smooth look to areas with frown lines and wrinkles. A Botox brow lift is when Botox is injected directly underneath the eyebrow of the patient in order to lift the eyebrow arch.

Lip Fillers

The fact that the lower half of the face is covered in public by a face mask is not preventing patients from having cosmetic procedures that enhance the features hidden by a mask. One of the most popular treatments is lip fillers since a mask can easily hide any bruising and swelling that result from the placing of a needle in the lips. Once the bruising and swelling goes down, people are ready to show off the enhanced look to their lips on video calls.

Eyelid Lift

Patients looking to make a more permanent change to the look of the eyes can have an eyelid lift AKA eye rejuvenation. The surgery starts with the creation of a small incision on the upper eyelid. A small section of skin is then removed so the patient enjoys less excess fat and skin in the eyelid area. The removal of this section of skin and fat is able to lift the eyelid of the patient and provide a more rejuvenated look.


Much like the desire for preventative Botox and brow lift procedures discussed above, many patients are making the decision to have preventative skin tightening treatments.  One of the most popular choices is liposuction which is performed to reduce the amount of sagging skin that is located below the jawline. This liposuction procedure is performed right below the jawline and is very popular with younger patients that are coming of age in the era of TikTok and Zoom.

One of the reasons so many people are worried about the appearance of sagging skin below the jawline is they do not like their appearance on a computer screen. People that stare downwards at their phone on a regular basis, or spend a lot of time communicating via Zoom on their laptop, often see a more exaggerated version of a double chin looking back at them.

Thread Lift

A thread lift is a procedure that is performed to lift sagging cheeks, jowls and brows. A thin thread is inserted into the targeted area through tiny incisions. The threads attach to skin tissue so they can be pulled back to lift the face for a smooth appearance that also looks more rejuvenated. The threads become knotted so they are hidden within the skin.

Alternatives to Botox

It is a known fact that Botox and other muscle relaxing injectable treatments, which are approved by the FDA, are formulated with proteins that provide stabilization. However, the New Year will likely see alternatives to Botox that use new technology to strip down any additives in order to isolate the active molecules.

Recent clinical trials by scientists have found the surrounding proteins might not be necessary. This has resulted in the production of other labels, such as Xeomin, which can give patients an effect like Botox, without the need for any added proteins which can cause reactions at the injection site such as inflammation.

Cosmetic Treatments in 2021

While the New Year is barely is a week old, the above cosmetic treatments are already causing a buzz in the medical community. It remains to be seen how long the impact of COVID-19 will be felt by the public and if the wearing of face masks will continue throughout all of 2021. It also remains to be seen if the cosmetic treatments described in this article are still the “hot thing” at the end of the year or if new cosmetic treatments will become popular in 2021.



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