Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in 2020 – Did Your Preferred Procedure Make the List?

Posted September 14, 2021
Top cosmetic surgery in USA

As offices are still trying to open after COVID-19 shutdowns, cosmetic procedures continue to increase in popularity as patients want to make a change in their appearance while they still work at home (and before they return to the office). The American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducted a national survey that included 1000 women. The results show one in ten women surveyed are now more interested in having a surgical cosmetic procedure, as well as a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, than they were before the start of the pandemic. In addition, a total of one-quarter of the respondents has a desire to once again undergo additional cosmetic work after having a cosmetic procedure in the past.

Top Cosmetic Procedures in the United States

At the start of the pandemic, many plastic surgeons were seeing an increase in cosmetic procedures that addressed issues with the face because of so many workers being on Zoom calls for work. According to Lynn Jeffers, a plastic surgeon and the chief medical officer at St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo, CA, "The pandemic isn't over, but, thanks to vaccines, a new normal is starting to define itself - and some surgeons' offices that were closed or offered only limited services within the last year are seeing higher demand."

The new trend for plastic surgery at this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic is a desire among patients to address the weight they gained during the pandemic. The results of the survey showed that patients are often turning to abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to gain a slimmer and more contoured look to the belly. Plus, both male and female patients that are still working at home are able to take advantage of the private recovery time they can enjoy by being away from the eyes of their fellow workers. 

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently released their list of the "Top Five Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in the United States". The results are as follows:

  1. Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) with 352,555 procedures performed in 2020
  2. Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) with 352,112 procedures performed in 2020
  3. Facelift with 234,374 procedures performed in 2020
  4. Liposuction with 211,067 procedures performed in 2020
  5. Breast Augmentation with 193,073 procedures performed in 2020

It is worth noting that all of these numbers were down from the previous year. Rhinoplasty was down 3\\\% while eyelid surgery decreased by 8\\\% and facelift by 11\\\%. Liposuction was down by 20\\\% and breast augmentation decreased by 33\\\%. The lower numbers were not the result of less patients being interested in having cosmetic surgery. Many doctors and medical offices were closed for months at a time thanks to COVID-19 safety precautions. There was also the need for cosmetic procedures to be delayed for months at a time last year as any, and all, medical resources were put towards battling coronavirus.

Overall, the number of cosmetic procedures that were performed in 2020 was down 14\\\% to a total of 2.3 million in the calendar year of 2020. 

The results from last year only showed a few exceptions when it came to cosmetic surgery choices that showed an increase in the number of procedures that were performed in 2020. For example, buttock implants were up by 22\\\% while pectoral implants showed an increase of 5\\\% in the last year. Both of these procedures have recovery periods that can be hidden on Zoom calls. Butt implants are hidden as the bottom half of a person is not visible on Zoom. On the other hand, the pectoral implants recovery process is hidden by looser clothing worn by a person on a daily basis. 

It is interesting to note that procedures performed to repair injuries caused by dog bites were up 22\\\% last year. This looks to be a result of people spending more time at home working and playing with their dogs.

Most Popular Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures in 2020

When it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic procedure statistics from last year, Botox remained the most popular option for the 18th year in a row. The total number was 4.4 million procedures (which is actually a decrease of 13\\\% from the total of 5 million in 2019). 

The rest of the top five minimally invasive cosmetic procedures (in order) included soft tissue fillers, laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments to improve the texture and the color of the skin. 

As the pandemic continues to be a major health issue in the United States, and around the world, patients continue to be critical about their appearance. They want to address signs of aging on their face and areas of the body where they gained weight during the pandemic. Even though working virtually continues to be an option for some employees, there are many patients already planning for the day when they have to return to the office. They are making plans to have the cosmetic treatments they have put off in the past in order to get the look they desire in the future. 

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