The Appeal of “Liquid Nose Jobs”

Posted September 01, 2017
Liquid Nose Job Appeal

Did you know you can change the shape of your nose with having to go under the knife for rhinoplasty?

Many patients are choosing to sculpt their noses using fillers since the injections can contour the appearance of the nose without the cost of, or recovery from, surgery. A liquid nose job works by injecting small amounts of hyaluronic acid below the skin located on the bridge of the nose. The injection can hide asymmetry and straighten out any bumps on the nose.

According to Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexander Rivkin, “A liquid nose job is superior to surgical rhinoplasty in several situations: 

  • When the contour irregularity is small, the precision of the injectables is significantly better at addressing the issue than surgery. A needle fills in the hollow or lifts the skin exactly as much as is necessary and no more. Surgical rhinoplasty involves grafts and corrections that are much more complex and much less precise. Injectables are better at correcting small deficits without changing any of the surrounding tissue.
  • In the hands of a very experienced injector, this technique is an excellent method for solving contour irregularities in the post-surgical nose. Patients who have undergone one or more rhinoplasties, and do not want to go through the increased risk and expense of a subsequent surgery, find fillers to be an excellent and instant solution.
  • Patients who are too young for rhinoplasty surgery because their face and nose are still changing. (under the age of 21), find this to be a good temporary solution. Once the filler is absorbed, the patient has the option of surgery or getting permanent filler injected."

This nonsurgical option is also popular since patients pay between $800-$1300 for the procedure rather than the higher cost of surgery. Plus, patients are able to use the fillers as a “test run” to see if they like the results before undergoing a more permanent procedure. The results are not permanent so patients are not stuck with a look that lasts a lifetime if they are not happy with the new appearance of their nose. According to Dr. Rivkin, “the results from Voluma last 1.5 to years while Lyft lasts around 12 months. Radiesse shows results for about 10 months and Bellafill lasts 7 to 10 years since it is permanent filler. I do not recommend Restylane because it lasts less than 6 months. I do not recommend Juvederm because it is too soft and not able to provide the definition that is necessary in this procedure.”

It should be noted that the treatment isn’t without risks. Complications such as blindness from accidentally injecting filler into the retinal artery and compressed blood flow to the skin over the nose can happen after the injections are placed. However, a liquid nose job doesn’t work on every nose. Fillers can’t reshape a nose that has a boxy tip or is too big. Plus, it will not address breathing issues traditionally helped by rhinoplasty.



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