Nose Exercises - Reshape the Nose Without Rhinoplasty?

Posted November 13, 2023
Learn how to reshape nose without surgery

Patients who want to make changes to the look, shape, or size of the nose have rhinoplasty to alter the appearance or functionality of the nose. The procedure, which is also known as a nose job, is a cosmetic surgery that is a popular choice for someone who is not happy with the look of their nose. Let’s take a look at why patients choose to have rhinoplasty and if it is possible to make changes to the nose without having rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty – Reasons Patients Have the Surgery

In general, patients have rhinoplasty in order to make alterations to the size, shape, or appearance of the nose. The procedure can also be performed to repair any sort of trauma or injury to the noise, improve the functionality of the nose so a person is able to breathe easier, or make a correction to a birth defect.

Rhinoplasty – Can Changes be Made to the Nose Without a Nose Job?

Can Nose be Changed without Nose JobThere have recently been discussions about the possibility of nose exercises being an effective alternative to the invasive surgery known as rhinoplasty. While some “experts” claim that these nose exercises can make changes to the shape of the nose, there is no concrete evidence that nose exercises are actually an effective method to alter the nose.

One example of a nose exercise that is being promoted as a way to alter the look of the nose is pinching the nose while also flaring the nostrils. The shape of the base of the nose, which is the point where the nose attaches to the face, is mostly determined by the shape of the bone. In addition, the tip of the nose is mainly determined by the amount of soft cartilage that is able to provide its amount of flexibility. While some people subscribe to the idea of pinching the nose and flaring the nostrils, there is no evidence that nose exercise can make a substantial change to the look of the nose. Instead, nose exercises impact the small muscles located around the nose that make facial expressions as opposed to muscles that impact the shape of the nose.

There has also been some discussion about applying toothpaste to the nose in order to make the nose look smaller. Once again, it is important to remember that the shape of the nose is mostly determined by the shape of the cartilage and bone. In other words, toothpaste is not able to impact the size of the bone or cartilage. In addition to toothpaste, there is no evidence that other products that are found in a home such as garlic, apple cider vinegar, or ginger will be able to impact the shape or size of the nose.

The Nose – Reshaping the Nose Naturally?

There are a couple of methods that patients can perform at home to possibly make changes to the look of the nose without having to undergo surgery.

One of the first methods to change the look of the nose is applying makeup. Keep in mind that makeup is not able to change the size of the nose, but the look of the nose can be contoured through the application of makeup. In order to contour the nose, the person should outline the side of the nose using a bronzer that is generally two shades darker than the natural color of the skin. Then, the bridge of the nose should be highlighted using a matte highlighter and the highlights of the nose can be changed using a beauty blender.

Patients who want to go a step beyond the use of makeup can have nonsurgical rhinoplasty using dermal filler that is injected into the nose in order to change its shape and look. A nonsurgical rhinoplasty is also known as “liquid rhinoplasty” and it can be performed in fifteen minutes or less. During this procedure, the doctor injects dermal filler under the skin, and it is an outpatient procedure so patients can go home or back to work immediately after the treatment. While the results of liquid rhinoplasty are not as dramatic as those achieved by traditional rhinoplasty, the treatment can give the nose a look that is straighter and thinner while also smoothing the look of any bumps on the nose.

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty does not require any splints placed in the nose while also not requiring as long a recovery time as traditional rhinoplasty and not producing as much swelling after the procedure. As opposed to traditional rhinoplasty that provides permanent results, the results of liquid rhinoplasty are not permanent, but they can last for about six months.

Patients who want to discuss their options for making changes to the nose should consult with their doctor. The surgeon can examine the appearance and condition of the nose in order to determine the best method to make the desired changes to the nose.

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