Spotlight on Jennifer Lopez’s Bodacious Backside

Posted November 25, 2015

One of the most successful showbiz careers in the past couple of decades has belonged to Jennifer Lopez. Lopez first gained attention as a “Fly Girl” dancer on the TV show, “In Living Color”. She then moved to acting with a breakthrough role as the title character in “Selena”. Her music career took off a few years later and she has never been far from the public spotlight since the 90s. One aspect of Lopez’s life that has been a topic of discussion from her earliest days in show business through today is her ever amazing backside. The general public, as well as celebrity experts, have always been curious how she maintains what many consider to be her main asset: her ample booty!

One of the main theories about the amazing backend of Jennifer Lopez is that she underwent butt implant surgery. While there have been stories that Lopez had her butt insured for anywhere from $27-million-dollars to an unbelievable $1-billion dollars, Jennifer herself denies having any kind of surgery on her butt. She does admit to plenty of exercise to keep her butt prominent and in shape. Lopez has remarked that she was an athlete when she was younger and enjoyed playing tennis and running track. She would rather go to the gym or go outside and exercise instead of going the surgical route. When pressed on the subject by a reporter, Lopez vowed to stick to working out and eating healthy. In her mind, the key to proper maintenance is upkeep. Maintaining her ample booty, as opposed to letting it get out of shape, helps her avoid going under the knife on her behind. In fact, she has admitted to being scared of undergoing any sort of cosmetic procedure.

The continued fascination with Lopez’s butt, as well as more recent celebs with ample backsides like Kim Kardashian, has made butt implants soar in popularity. To quote Meghan Trainor, there are days when it’s “all about that bass”.  Many prominent surgeons say that patients come to them wanting a backside like Kim K or J Lo. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was a 98% increase in butt implants in the past year. Butt implants procedures increased 44% in the last year.

There are a few options to help a patient get a healthy looking butt including:

  • Butt implants made of silicone provide contour and shape for the glutes. Butt implants are a good choice for patients who don’t have a lot of fat to use for a fat injection procedure.
  • Patients with an ample amount of fat can choose to have fat injections. The fat injections utilize the patient’s own fat to provide more volume in the backside. The fat can be harvested from various areas of the body.
  • Other non-surgical options include CoolSculpt for shaping of the butt and Fractora Bodytite to help tighten the butt.

Whatever method patients decide to undergo, they should expect a recovery time of at least a week. Patients need to spend at least a week staying off their backside so the butt can avoid any extra pressure on it following the procedure. Patients should sleep on their side or stomach while they are recovering.

Since Jennifer Lopez has always been suspected of having work done on her butt, is there a way to tell if someone has had work done on their backside? Doctors suggest looking at the ratio between the waist and the backside. Taking a good look at the proportions on a person is a good way to see if some work has been done on the booty.

The overall price of butt implants or fat injections for the backside varies depending on where a person lives. Patients need to research the surgeons in their area and make an appointment with a board certified physician.

The endless fascination with Jennifer Lopez and her ample booty doesn’t look like it will end anytime in the near future. It has become her calling card at this point in her career. Whether or not she has had any butt implants or fat injections is unknown at this point. As long as she continues to remain in the public eye, the spotlight will continue to shine on Lopez’s ample backside.

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