How to Get Six Pack Abs without Going to the Gym

Posted March 03, 2020
How to Get Six Pack Abs without Going to the Gym

In the past, the most popular way to get the appearance of six pack abs was to go to the gym and do squats and other exercises that transform the body. However, there are many people that have decided they do not want to go through all of the exercise necessary to gain the desired appearance to their body. These patients often turn to cosmetic surgery procedures to make the changes they want to see to their abs. Let’s take a look at a popular technique available to patients looking to gain six pack abs without going to the gym.

Six Pack Abs Surgery for Patients in Thailand

One surgery that has been growing in popularity in areas of the world such as Thailand is “six pack surgery” which is performed at a cost of around $4000 for patients.  According to Andrew Waters of MyMediTravel, “There has been a noticeable uptake for instant six-pack surgeries in clinics across Thailand. Perfect for those looking for a quick fix, patients can enjoy top-notch, cost-effective surgery in luxurious surroundings and state of the art medical facilities. Consequently, patients benefit from a longer-lasting sculpted appearance whilst recovering in style.”

One of the reasons patients flock to Thailand for the surgery is the fact that Thailand has 60-plus JCI-accredited hospitals (Joint Commission International-accredited hospitals). These hospitals offer fat removal and reduction via techniques such as liposuction. In addition, Thailand has many convenient flights that are direct flights from major airports such as Phuket and Bangkok. Plus, patients enjoy visiting Thailand for their body contouring surgery to gain six pack abs because of the many resorts that are available to relax at before the surgery as well as enjoy scenic post-surgery recovery time.

How is Six Pack Surgery Performed

The six-pack abs surgery, AKA abdominal etching, does not involve the placement of silicone implants into the abdomen area of the patient. Instead, the six-pack region is highlighted and etched by the surgeon so liposuction can be performed in order to remove any excess or stubborn fat that is located around the stomach of the patient.

As a result of the etching and the liposuction, the abdomen will gain an appearance that is natural as opposed to the unnatural look that is gained from using silicone fillers. It should be noted that the patient will have to wear bandages and dressings on the treated area but this does not stop patients from wanting to undergo the surgery. The type of patients that have six pack surgery ranges from people that regularly go to the gym but are unable to achieve their goal of a six pack abdomen to those that want to gain the look of a six pack abdomen without having to exercise on a regular basis at the gym.

Six Pack Surgery Combined with Other Procedures

In addition to gaining the appearance of a six pack abdomen thanks to six pack surgery, the procedure can be combined with other treatments to provide additional contouring to the body. Abdominal etching can be combined with liposuction of other areas of the body like the back, arms and face. Abdominal etching can also be combined with pectoral etching for male patients who tend to have a breast region that is soft and full in its appearance. The appearance of a full and soft breast region is known as gynecomastia AKA “man boobs” and this condition is characterized by the appearance of enlarged breasts on a male patient. Male breast reduction is performed to eliminate the appearance of man boobs.

Alternative Six Pack Surgery Procedure

Patients that have excess skin or fat in the abdomen area might be better candidates for an alternative cosmetic surgery procedure like a tummy tuck AKA abdominoplasty. Since abdominal etching is not a surgery that addresses issues like excess fat and skin, a tummy tuck is a better choice to address these issues. Once the tummy tuck is performed, abdominal etching can be the next procedure for a patient looking to gain six pack abs.

Ideal Six Pack Surgery Candidates

No matter how hard some people exercise at the gym, there are unable to attain the look to the abs that they desire. These patients are ideal candidates for six pack surgery. The appearance of six pack abs can also give them increased confidence in their overall look.

Patients that are a bit older are also ideal candidates for six pack surgery as the metabolism tends to decrease as a person ages. Once the metabolism starts to age, stubborn belly fat on both male and female patients can be hard to eliminate no matter how many times a person visits the gym.

Six Pack Surgery Consultation Appointment

Before patients make the final decision to travel to Thailand, or other areas of the world, to undergo six pack surgery, they need to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor. The doctor will explain the pros and cons of the surgery and also discuss the final results desired by the patient. Once the surgeon and the patient are on the same page about the type of results the person can expect, the six pack surgery can be scheduled and performed by the plastic surgeon.



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