Presidential Plastic Surgery Procedures???

Posted July 29, 2016

The Democratic National Convention was recently held in Philadelphia and one of the biggest stories revolved around Bill Clinton. The story didn’t involve his speech about his wife Hilary or his past accomplishments as the leader of America. The buzz surrounding Bill involved a subtle, yet noticeable, change in his appearance. Many political insiders remarked on how much younger and refreshed Clinton looked when he took the stage at the convention.

Some experts are speculating that Bill Clinton had work done on his eyelids. In fact, they say he more than likely had upper and lower blepharoplasty done on his eyelids. The experts point to the removal of skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids as well as the hollow look of the lower eyelids. While his skin quality still looked good, some say that could be the result of a photofacial using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

It’s not known exactly when Clinton turned to cosmetic surgery to improve his appearance. Since he left office, Clinton has lost weight and also improved his eating habits. The weight loss resulted in his facial features becoming a bit sunken which, in turn, caused him to look older.  Dr. Joubin Gabbay, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, speculates that Bill has developed rhinophyma which is a nose condition that is characterized by a large and bulbous nose as well as sagging skin on the nose in its early stages.

The sunken features and the sagging skin all seemed to disappear when Clinton took the convention stage to give a speech in support of his wife. The skin on his face appeared to be smoother and tighter and he even sported a jawline that looked to be much more contoured than in the past few years. One Beverly Hills plastic surgeon feels that Clinton likely underwent a neck lift as well as resurfacing on his face. This surgeon also speculates that Bill might have had some fat injected into his cheeks to add more volume and perhaps even some Botox to get rid of his crow’s feet. While Bill Clinton still has some horizontal lines remaining on his forehead, his furrow lines looked less intense and pronounced than they have in the recent past.

A New York City cosmetic dermatologist agrees about the use of Botox on Clinton as well as a few other procedures. This NYC expert speculates that the disappearance of the bags under his eyes indicates the removal of fat pads and the erasing of the lines from his nose to his mouth and his mouth to his chin was more than likely accomplished through the use of filler such as Voluma or Radiesse.

While it might never be officially discussed exactly what work Bill Clinton had done on his face, it is known that the news and speculation surrounding the appearance of Bill during his speech will not stop anytime in the near future. Unless anyone who worked on Clinton speaks up in the near future, the public will have to continue to play a guessing game about the change in his appearance.

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