Woman has Plastic Surgery to look like a Caricature from her Youth

Posted May 01, 2018
Plastic Surgery - Younger Caricature

A woman from the English town of Rotherham revealed she spent over $250,000 on plastic surgery in order to look like a caricature she had made as a teenager.

Krystina Butel has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures to look more like her cartoon drawing. The list includes:

Butel has funded her cosmetic procedures by opening her own hair salon as well as owning a gym. 

Explaining her decision to undergo this transformation, Krystina told The Daily Mail in England, 'When I first saw the caricature in Ibiza all those years ago, I saw what I wanted to look like. She had boobs like beach balls, big lips and a tiny waist. Everything about her was so exaggerated. I was jealous of her and in that moment, I knew what I wanted to be in life. When I see myself in the mirror now, I feel like dreams do come true. After years of plastic surgery, I am a living, breathing human cartoon and I feel so proud of everything I've achieved.”


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The procedures she has undergone so far are not the end of her transformation. Krystina now says she wants to look even “more extreme” than the original caricature drawing.  After taking another look at the caricature, she feels that the drawing is calling out for more cosmetic surgery. The list of future plastic surgery procedures includes another boob job, additional fillers in her lips as well as another nose job!

Butel feels that she now inspires the caricature. She considers plastic surgery to be her obsession as well as her hobby for life. She does not plan on ending her plastic surgery quest until she looks exactly like she wants to look in the future.

She credits her gastric bypass surgery with making her feel more like her caricature than ever before. In addition, she loves the fact that the plastic surgery and facial fillers show off her weight loss.

Later this year, Krystina is getting married to her boyfriend of four years in November. In order to get ready for the wedding, she plans on having additional breast augmentation, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and jaw and chin implants.

When asked why she is continuing her extreme transformation, Krystina vowed to never give up on her dream of looking like the caricature. She also loves cosmetic surgery for the fact that “you can go to sleep as one thing and then wake up as something else. It's like being able to pick off a menu and be whoever you want to be. And I'm become exactly who I want to be.”



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