Is Winter The Best Time For Plastic Surgery?

Posted May 05, 2017

One of the big concerns many plastic surgery patients have is how to hide the fact they have undergone plastic surgery. Invasive procedures such as a facelift or tummy tuck involve several weeks of recovery time and can leave a patient with bruising and swelling. Some people don’t have enough vacation time to take off work during the entire recovery process. Patients trying to hide their plastic surgery often find winter to be the best time of year for a procedure.

Winter means colder weather which also means dressing in layers of clothing and wearing caps and hoodies on a regular basis. Multiple layers of clothing can make it easier to hide bandages and garments that have to be worn after surgery. Plus, many patients feel self-conscious about scars that result from plastic surgery and being able to wear extra clothing can help their mental state after the procedure.

The colder temperatures also mean that people are staying inside for longer periods of time. Staying indoors and out of the sun is ideal for patients who have had less invasive treatments like a chemical peel since the skin tends to peel during the recovery period. More time indoors in the comfort of home means less prying eyes to see the skin peeling away. Plus, the skin needs adequate time to recover and staying inside will help patients avoid too much direct sunlight which can darken scars. Also, being at home helps patients avoid strenuous activities such as going to the gym or running.

Winter also brings major holidays with time off for most people. From Christmas to Thanksgiving to long holiday weekends thanks to President’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, most people enjoy some form of extended time off during the winter months. Extended time away from friends and co-workers means more time away from the public eye. It also means more time to heal in private since less work tends to happen during the winter months.

Finally, winter is an ideal time to have plastic surgery because patients have a chance to make a change in their appearance before the spring and summer months arrive. Having surgery before swimsuit season is one of the reasons many people undergo plastic surgery in the winter. They would rather have surgery and make sure their scars are healed before going to the beach or the pool.



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