Pandemic Plastic Surgery – Is it Safe?

Posted January 04, 2021
Safety of Plastic Surgery during pandemic

There is a myth that plastic surgery is only available to certain individuals. There has often been a feeling that only the rich and famous, or people that are very vain about their looks, can either afford plastic surgery or are viewed as ideal candidates for a procedure by surgeons. It might surprise some people to know that a growing number of individuals are turning to plastic surgery to alter or enhance their appearance. This has remained true even during the COVID-19 pandemic as some people take advantage of having to stay away from others to undergo plastic surgery that they can easily hide from the public during the recovery process. Let’s take a look at plastic surgery during the pandemic to make sure it is safe for patients.

Plastic Surgery Popularity – By the Numbers

As recently as 2019, there were 18.1-million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). The top five cosmetic surgery procedures in 2019 included:

In addition, the top five non-invasive cosmetic procedures in 2019 were:

How Quarantine Impacts a Plastic Surgery Decision

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is preventing many people from working out at the gym or even walking to work. The growing use of Zoom calls means people now have more time to stare at their appearance on a computer screen and focus on what they perceive to be flaws in their appearance. While people might be viewing their appearance at an unflattering angle thanks to their laptop computer camera, this does not mean they are accepting the “bad angle” as a reason for their current appearance.

In addition to viewing their appearance on a computer screen, many people are turning to cosmetic surgery thanks to the increased downtime they now have at home. People are not only staying at home on a regular basis but they are also wearing face masks in public. These two factors make it much easier for people that have plastic surgery on their face to more quickly resume their daily routines without others being aware of their decision to have surgery.

COVID-19 Stops Some People from having Pandemic Plastic Surgery

There are some potential plastic surgery patients that are concerned about possible exposure to COVID-19 at a medical office or facility. All medical offices should be following the guidelines provided by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) for healthcare facilities.

Even with their fears about patient safety, people that are interested in having plastic surgery are advised to get the treatment they want as well as the consultation advice they desire or need. One aspect of medical care during COVID-19 has been the increase in the ease of receiving many healthcare services virtually.

In addition, the strict following of social distancing measures means that medical facilities and offices are safe for pandemic plastic surgery procedures. Medical offices check the recent and long-term health history of patients in order to screen them for any possible health issues related to coronavirus. They also screen their employees to make sure they are not at work if they test positive for coronavirus. The cleaning of all surfaces also happens on a regular basis as surfaces at a medical office or facility could be a possible avenue for transmission of COVID-19.

If a patient tests positive for COVID-19 prior to their scheduled procedure, the treatment is postponed until they are recovered from coronavirus and no longer test positive for the disease.

For all of the above reasons, patients can feel confident that their decision to have a pandemic plastic surgery procedure is actually a very safe decision.

Plastic Surgery and Patient Self-Esteem

It is important to remember that plastic surgery can help to improve the self-esteem of a person but it is not a magic cure that will solve all of the problems of a patient. A person might be happy to see the reduction or elimination of fine lines and wrinkles or the desired changes in the appearance of the nose, breasts or buttocks. However, these changes should be made because of the desire of the patient to see enhancements or alterations in their appearance.

The self-esteem of a patient can also be helped by having realistic expectations about the final results. Plastic surgery can be a successful method to making a person have more confidence in his or her appearance and give the person more self-esteem. Plastic surgery is a very important decision so patients need to take the time to do proper research about their procedure of choice as well as the doctor(s) they have in mind to perform the treatment.  While the doctor will always make sure that the patient is physically and mentally able to have to the procedure, this step is especially important during COVID-19 in order to protect the patient and provide the highest level of care possible.

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