New Study Shows Men with Plastic Surgery Considered More Likeable

Posted July 30, 2019
Study Shows Men with Plastic Surgery Seen as More Likeable

Plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity as more patients turn to the life changing, natural looking results provided by the various procedures that fall under the banner of plastic surgery. In the past, plastic surgery was mainly thought of as a “female procedure” because of the stereotype of women having a facelift or a tummy tuck to look younger by turning back the clock on their appearance. However, more male patients are undergoing plastic surgery to look younger and be more competitive in the workplace. According to a recent study, men undergoing plastic surgery is also having the side effect of making them look more likeable, attractive, trustworthy as well as possessing better social skills.

A Closer Look at Male Plastic Surgery Research

Male plastic surgery study focusesThe research behind this study that involved 24 male patients was recently published in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. The patients in the study had an average age of 49 and they paid for their own cosmetic surgery. The plastic surgery procedures were separately performed by the authors of the study. The authors of the study are Dr. Michael J. Reilly, an associate professor of otolaryngology at Georgetown's School of Medicine and Dr. Steven P. Davison, professor of plastic surgery and otolaryngology at Georgetown University.

The procedures that were spotlighted in the study included:

Male Plastic Surgery Study Respondents

Everyone that participated in the study agreed to have “before and after” photos shown to 145 strangers who would examine the photos and then review the personality traits of the male plastic surgery patients. The respondents to the study ranged in age from 25-34 years old. When examining the “before and after” photos, People rated men after male plastic surgerythey were asked to rate the male patients on a number of traits they might seem to possess including:

  • Attractiveness
  • If they seemed to be extroverted
  • Likeability
  • Risk-seeker
  • If they seemed to be a social person
  • Masculinity
  • Trustworthiness

The people responding to the photos were not informed about the purpose of the study in order to avoid any type of bias. A total of six surveys were created by the research team. In addition, pre-op and post-op photos of the same patients were not included in the same survey. This step was taken in order to avoid any type of recall bias on the part of the respondents.

The results from the respondents revealed that any type of facial surgery appeared to make the male patients more attractive and trustworthy as well as more likeable and possessing better social skills. When looking at more specific results from the study:

  • Learn about what people thought about men after plastic surgeryThe results of upper eyelid surgery were connected to increased likeability and trustworthiness in the patients
  • On the other hand, lower eyelid surgery made the male patients appear less likely to be the type of person to take risks
  • Brow lifts made the patients seem more extroverted and more likely to take risks
  • A facelift gave the patients a more likeable and trustworthy appearance
  • A neck lift provided an appearance that looked to be more extroverted and masculine
  • Rhinoplasty improved the overall attractiveness of a person
  • Chin augmentation was the only procedure in the study that did not result in any type of statistically significant change in the perception of traits possessed by the patient

Most of the procedures did not increase the overall masculinity ratings. In contrast to the results show by this study, a 2015 study by the same team that was focused on 30 female patients found plastic surgery results made them have a more feminine appearance.

In a statement about the latest study, Dr. Reilly said "The tendency to judge facial appearance is likely rooted in evolution as studies suggest evaluating a person based on appearance is linked to survival—our animal instinct tells us to avoid those who are ill-willed and we know from previous research that personality traits are drawn from an individual's neutral expressions.”

Reasons Male Patients have Plastic Surgery

As mentioned above, the number of male plastic surgery patients has continued to grow over the past several years. As recently as 2016, male patients had over 1-million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), male patients have plastic surgery to remain youthful looking and maintain their image while also dealing with changes brought about by the aging process. The ASAPS says the top surgical procedures for men include:

Male plastic surgery has grown in popularity as more men have become aware of how they look in photos on social media. They want to have an appearance in real life that matches the appearance they can achieve through the use of filters and Photoshop to enhance photos that are posted online. In addition, they want to remain youthful looking so they can be more competitive in the workplace as they age. Thanks to these factors, the number of male plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States does not appear to be getting smaller anytime in the near future.



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