Neck Contouring - Options to Rejuvenate the Neck

Posted November 18, 2020
Neck Contouring Options to Rejuvenating the Neck

As a person ages, the neck can begin to show fine lines and wrinkles and the skin on the neck can also start to sag or show excess fat. Neck contouring restores the appearance of a smooth neckline and also provides a firm and refined look to the neck and the chin. The results can help a person look younger and more rejuvenated. In addition, neck contouring can provide a greater balance to the facial features thanks to a more defined jawline that helps to frame the rest of the face. Multiple neck contouring options are available to patients so let’s take a closer look at them in this informative article.

Neck Contouring Options

The technique used by a cosmetic surgeon for neck contouring depends on the final goals of the patient. Some patients want to simply get rid of sagging skin that gives them an older look while others want to enjoy a more defined look to the neck.

When it comes to neck contouring, here are the most popular procedures:

  • Neck contouring optionsNeck Liposuction – Patients that feel like the appearance of their neck is not the best, thanks to excess fat, can address the issue by having neck liposuction. The removal of fat from the neck eliminates the appearance of a “double chin” and provides a more defined look to the neck. Neck liposuction can remove excess fat from the targeted area. It cannot make a large change in the appearance of sagging skin so it is not a loose neck skin treatment.

The ideal patient for neck liposuction is a person in the age range of their 20s through their early 50s. Younger patients tend to have more skin elasticity which is necessary for the skin to be able to look smooth after liposuction is performed.

Neck liposuction begins with the surgeon making a few tiny incisions that will be hidden beneath the chin or behind the ears of the patient. A cannula is then inserted in the incisions in order to remove any excess fat and also provide a better contour to the neck and the chin. After the procedure, the patient will need to wear a special chin strap that supports the area for anywhere from 3-4 days. The patient will be able to return to work after one week and resume regular activities within two weeks. There will be some bruising and swelling that resolves within 10-14 days. The results of neck liposuction are permanent as long as the patient maintains a stable weight.

  • Neck Lift – A neck lift can address the issue of sagging skin on the neck of a person. This procedure is known by other names such as platysmaplasty (tightens any neck muscles that are loose) and cervicoplasty (a skin tightening neck treatment that is performed to remove any excess skin). Both of these techniques are able to remove sagging, excess skin and tighten the neck muscles to give the patient a firm and defined appearance to the neck.

A neck lift begins when the surgeon makes a small incision that is located behind each ear. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will remove the excess skin that is sagging and also tighten the neck muscles. The final result is a rejuvenated, youthful look to the neck that is also firm and smooth. A neck lift is also an effective neck wrinkle treatment as it eliminates fine lines and wrinkles.

The recovery time after a neck lift depends on the individual patient and the amount of work performed during the surgery. Patients can normally resume their daily activities, such as going to work, around two weeks after surgery. The neck will feel tight for a few months and there will also be some visible swelling and bruising for about a week.

Neck Contouring – Combined with Other Procedures

In order to help achieve a balanced appearance between the neck and the facial features, some patients decide to combine neck contouring with other procedures. The combination of a neck lift and a facelift addresses sagging cheeks, the appearance of jowls and sagging neck skin. The placement of a chin implant during neck liposuction provides better definition to the neckline and the chin.

Neck Contouring – What to Look for in a Cosmetic Surgeon

When looking for a surgeon to perform a neck contouring procedure, patients should look for a doctor that is experienced in understanding the need to maintain the balance between the face and the neck. The surgeon should also have an artistic touch and an aesthetic eye.

Patients should make sure their surgeon of choice is a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing neck contouring procedures. They should also ask to see “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the surgeon.

Once the decision is made about a surgeon, it is time to schedule a consultation appointment. It is an opportunity for patients to share the reasons they want to have a neck contouring procedure and achieve the desired changes. The surgeon will also take this opportunity to set realistic expectations about the extent of the results that can be achieved through a neck contouring procedure.



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