Why More Women are Having Cosmetic Surgery

Posted April 13, 2021
Why more women are having cosmetic surgery

The desire to maintain a youthful look is one shared by many women around the world. In order to gain an appearance that is fresh and rejuvenated, more women are turning to cosmetic surgery to achieve the results they desire. There are multiple reasons female patients want to have cosmetic surgery and some of the most popular motivations are discussed in the informative article below.

Examining the Reasons Women Want Cosmetic Surgery

One of the ways to quickly find a topic of interest on Instagram is to search for hashtags related to the topic. When it comes to cosmetic surgery and photos that people share of their daily appearance, the hashtag of the word “selfie” has more than 442-million posts. In addition, the hashtag of the word “aesthetic” has more than 78.5-million posts.

In an interview with The Jordan Time, psychiatrist Maen Abki said the main reason why female patients turn to cosmetic procedures to achieve a younger look is their love of beauty as well as their love of “perfection”. Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures that patients undergo to try and turn back the clock include Botox and fillers. They also often choose to undergo surgical choices such as a facelift, rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty to give the face a more youthful or aesthetically appealing look.

The psychiatrist told the newspaper that “social media platforms have advantages, but their negativities greatly outweigh the positives.” In addition, Abki remarked that people who have cosmetic procedures simply because they are not happy with the appearance of their face or body is “a sign of a weakness of character”.

The newspaper also interviewed Hussein Khozahe, a sociologist, about the continued popularity of cosmetic surgery among females. “The number of people getting cosmetic treatments has risen significantly over the past couple of years, especially among young people.”

Khozahe added that cosmetic procedures are now more “normalized” which is having an impact on the way the public views the concept of beauty. “This booming trend, which shows no signs of slowing down, affects the societal perceptions of what beauty really means. From time to time, people like to change their looks, as a way of expressing themselves, but what happens now is that many young people get cosmetic procedures thinking they have flaws, which is what makes them special.”

In addition to the ongoing chase of a particular standard of beauty achieved through the performance of cosmetic procedures, the sociologist also said that many people have needed to apply for a loan or borrow money from family members or friends to have their desired procedure. While they might achieve the look they want, the borrowing of money can lead to financial burdens or conflicts between the members of the family.

Female Patients Speak Out about Cosmetic Surgery

One woman in her mid-30s told the newspaper that many of her friends have undergone some sort of cosmetic procedure and that they included both surgical and non-surgical treatments. The newspaper quoted her as saying “Nowadays the perfect pictures posted on social media platforms are bringing many women and girls down.” She added many younger women where she lives decided to have a surgical procedure or fillers so they can have lips that are fuller in appearance, a nose that is thinner than before and an overall better appearance in their selfies. “Females and males now rarely take a picture without a filter, because filters make them better versions of themselves.”

Another female patient in her late 40s admitted to undergoing a cosmetic treatment every two or three months because she wants to feel good about herself. The female patient added she is not trying to judge the choices of others that visit cosmetic surgeons. However, she does believe that younger patients do not need to have any sort of procedure that is aesthetic in nature. “These treatments are not magic. I do not dislike my face. I love myself the way I am, but when I reached a certain age, I started getting regular Botox injections, to reduce my signs of aging but not to change my looks.”

Cosmetic Surgery and Realistic Expectations

The decision to have a cosmetic procedure is a personal one and it should not be entered into lightly by a patient. Patients need to be healthy enough to have their desired treatment along with realistic expectations about the kind of results they can expect to see after undergoing a procedure.

Realistic expectations are important because many of the images the public views on Instagram might be altered or enhanced through the use of online filters. The person in the photo might not actually have an appearance in real life that matches the one shown in the photo.

An experienced and board-certified doctor will take the time to chat with the patient and discuss the reasons why the person wants to make alterations or enhancements to their appearance. Once the doctor and the patient are in agreement about the best cosmetic treatment option to achieve the desired results, the procedure can be scheduled and performed.

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