Looking Fine with a Fox Eye - How to Get The Fox Eye Look

Posted May 06, 2022
How to get a fox eye look

One of the most popular current beauty trends is fox eye surgery. The idea behind the procedure is to create, or restore, a younger almond-shape look to the eyes. There are some people who naturally have rounder eyes. There are others who need help in restoring a youthful look to their eyes because they have lost some of the elasticity to their eyes as they have continued to get older, and their skin is now drooping in appearance. Let’s take a look at this trending beauty treatment to see how it is performed and the results that can be expected after the procedure.

How to Create a Fox Eye

The first thing to know is that the phrase “fox eye” describes a look where the outer corner of the eye (which is the outer canthus) is higher than the inner corner of the eye (which is known as the inner canthus). The doctor will lift the lateral (outer) eyebrow of the patient so the eye will gain a look that is shaped like an almond.

There are many choices when it comes to achieving this desired look to the eyes. Here are some of the most popular methods to gain the fox eye trend:

  • Botox can be injected into the depressors of the eyebrow and the injection of Botox allows the brow to raise when the muscles start to relax. This treatment option lifts the outer brow and also reduces the appearance of “crow’s feet.” Patients do need to know that the Botox injections might only last for three to six months so follow-up treatments will need to be performed to maintain the results.
  • Fillers can be injected into the area that is located above the eyebrow or they can be injected at the lateral hairline. Once the fillers have been placed in the desired area, the lateral brow is pulled upwards in order to achieve the desired result. Fillers are not a permanent solution, and they can last anywhere from six to eighteen months (depending on the filler used by the doctor). Follow-up treatments will be necessary to maintain the results.
  • PDO (Polydioxanone) threads, which is used to perform a “thread lift”, are made using a special suture that contains small barbs. The PDO threads are placed after the surgeon numbs the outer eyelid and eyebrow. The targeted skin is then lifted upwards, and the final results last from three to nine months before a follow-up treatment is needed to maintain the results. There are some warnings that patients need to know about when it comes to PDO threads. These warnings say the threads can cause dimpling and results that are not natural in appearance so patients should consult with their doctor before undergoing this treatment option.
  • Canthopexy is when the outer corner of the eye is surgically tightened. A lateral canthopexy is when the lateral canthus (outer corner of the eye) is moved so the eye can be swept upward in appearance. The final results are considered to be long-lasting as they can last for ten (or more) years.
  • A brow lift involves an incision being created inside the hairline so the eyebrows can be lifted using sutures that are placed under the skin. In general, the results can last for five (or more) years.
  • An upper eye lift/upper eyelid lift removes excess fat and skin from the eyelids. The surgeon makes incisions in the upper eyelid creases to easily remove excess fat that can be blocking the vision of the patient. Plus, the excess fat can also cause the eyelids to gain a droopy look.

Fox Eye Trend – Who are the Ideal Candidates

In general, an ideal candidate for the fox eye procedure is a person with realistic expectations about the results as well as being in overall good health. The need for realistic expectations is important as the elasticity of the skin can have an impact on the final results.

Anyone that wants to have the procedure should schedule a consultation appointment with a doctor who is experienced in providing the fox eye look. The doctor needs to examine the current condition of the skin to see if the desired results can be achieved. The patient should also have an open mind as they might be an ideal candidate for one treatment option as opposed to multiple choices to gain the desired look.

It is also a good idea for the patient to bring some photos of celebrities they like that currently have the “fox eye look.” These images serve as an inspiration for the final results, and they also give the medical professional a solid visual idea of the type of results the person wants to gain from the procedure. Once the doctor and the patient are in agreement about the treatment options and results, the actual procedure can be scheduled.

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