Lisa Vanderpump - California Plastic Surgery Speculation

Posted July 14, 2021
Cosmetic surgery speculation for Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump has extended her reality TV star turn into a successful career beyond the television screen. Besides her appearances on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Vanderpump Rules”, she has owned and operated dozens of bars and restaurants in Los Angeles and London. She also operates the Vanderpump Dog Foundation which aims to create a more humane world for dogs. Vanderpump is also known for her looks and reality TV fans take note of her appearance at red carpet events and other public appearance. Let’s take a look at the California plastic surgery speculation about this public figure and determine if there is any truth behind the gossip about possible Lisa Vanderpump California plastic surgery.

Lisa Vanderpump – Opens Up about Plastic Surgery

In an interview with Buzzfeed News from a few years ago, Vanderpump openly discussed having cosmetic treatments performed on her body by Dr. Simon Ourian, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon.

During the interview, she admitted to being a fan of having Botox and fillers along with laser resurfacing treatments to help refresh her appearance and gain a more youthful look. Vanderpump did say she has always been a little bit “reticent” about having a surgical procedure to address the aging process. Instead, she has treatments that make a difference in her appearance but are not as permanent or dramatic as a surgical cosmetic treatment. The 60-year-old television start even went on to say that her skin would not look as good as it does without her visits to Dr. Ourian,

While the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery procedures she has on a regular basis might seem pricey to the general public, Vanderpump believes the treatments are worth the price for people that are not happy with their appearance and want to make a change. She tells her friends, “I say, ‘Do this, you’ll feel better.’ A friend of mine was going on about needing a top lip forever, and I finally said, ‘Don’t tell me about it. Do it!’ If something about your face makes you unhappy, just do it.’

Lisa Vanderpump – Possible California Facelift Surgery

Even though Vanderpump claims she has not decided to have a surgical treatment, there are others who do not believe this claim. In fact, she was accused of having facial plastic surgery by another cast member of the “Real Housewives” franchise.

During a televised reunion (“Reunion Secrets Revealed”) of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, Vanderpump was accused of having a facelift by Lisa Rinna. Vanderpump denied this accusation and backed up her claim that she did not have surgery by simply saying she does not have time to have any type of procedure that requires a long recovery period.

She told the interviewer, “I’m on camera – I’ve got three shows on the air, I’m in the restaurant every night. You could document me every day pretty much for the past eight years. I don’t have time for that downtime.” In other words, Vanderpump claims she is simply too busy to have a California facial rejuvenation procedure such as a facelift.

Vanderpump Rules Cast – Plastic Surgery Secrets

Lisa Vanderpump is not the only member of the “Vanderpump Rules” family that is a fan of cosmetic procedures. Stassi Schroeder, Scheana Marie and Jax Taylor all discussed their enjoyment of plastic surgery in an interview with People Magazine.

Jax told the magazine, “I embrace it. Huge fan not afraid to talk about it.” As proof that he is not afraid to discuss his plastic surgery, Jax has admitted to having three rhinoplasty procedures in the past to enhance and alter the look of his nose.

Much like Lisa Vanderpump, Scheana Marie is also not willing to have an invasive plastic surgery procedure. She has admitted to having Botox and fillers in the past as well as a dental bridge to give her mouth a better aesthetic appearance and improved functionality. According to Scheana, “I can’t stand having forehead wrinkles on camera. It drives me insane. I’ve had Botox since before season one. So people are like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s gotten so much work done.’ I’ve had this literally since I was 25 years old. Consistently, because I don’t like my face to move – only when I smile.”

Stassi Schroeder said she only likes to have Botox injections while she is not filming the reality TV show because “I can’t stand not having expression on camera. So I do it once a year off-season.” She did admit to having breast reduction surgery and has remarked that she is proud of her scars from the surgery.

Lisa Vanderpump – Future Plastic Surgery

While Lisa Vandepump is not a fan of invasive plastic surgery, this might change at some point in the future. If the past is any indication, she will be open about it with the press and her fans. If she does have cosmetic surgery beyond Botox, fillers and laser treatments, the Cosmetic Town team will be here to share the news with our readers.

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