What is a Designer Vagina? Find Out Why More Women Today Want One

Posted February 27, 2018

Cosmetic surgery in Australia has grown so much in popularity in the last few years that it is now a billion-dollar industry. In fact, Australia ranks number 18 globally in the number of plastic surgeries performed per year. 

The quest to fight the aging process now includes “designer vagina” procedures growing in popularity. While fillers have become popular in treating the face, lasers and surgical tightening are now the preferred methods for rejuvenating and refreshing the vagina. The procedure is known as labiaplasty and women are paying up to $9000 for vaginal rejuvenation.

Why is labiaplasty growing in popularity? Many doctors say that feelings of frustration and embarrassment are fueling the desire to make a change “down below”.  There are many women who are unhappy with both the appearance and “the feel” of this region of their body. This is especially true after the birth of a baby which is an event that can have a large impact on both their sex lives and their self-esteem. In addition, menopause can cause structural changes to vaginal walls, as well as the surrounding tissue, and this includes the pelvic floor.

With a 45\\% global growth in popularity, labiaplasty has had the largest growth in popularity of any procedure in recent years. The continued surge in popularity does not look to be slowing down anytime soon as the number of women looking to have the treatment continues to grow around the world.



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