Katie Price Defends Plastic Surgery

Posted September 16, 2016

Katie Price has been known for her beauty from a very early age. She began modeling when she was only 13 years old and by the time she was 19, she was already working for a major British tabloid newspaper, The Sun. She built a career on her looks and has been a proponent of plastic surgery. However, recent times haven’t been as agreeable to Katie Price as they once were.

Channel 5 aired an old episode of Celebrity Botched up Bodies featuring Katie Price as a central piece to show what can happen when plastic surgery goes wrong.  To be fair, this was not the first time this episode was broadcast on the channel. The same episode was aired back in January 2016 which leads some to believe that there is a personal grudge going on between her and Channel 5.

Remarkably, Katie has been relatively cool-headed about the whole ordeal. She responded to Channel 5 on Twitter by saying that her “bod is amazing” and is not botched up to any degree. And who can disagree with her? Recent photos of Katie Price are still turning heads and there are no visible signs of botched plastic surgery. In fact, Katie even went so far as to say that Channel 5 was only able to feature her in the episode because she refused to formally appear on it.

Katie is not shy at all about her previous plastic surgery –quite the opposite, she flaunts it. She admits to having spent thousands of pounds on her body for breast augmentation, liposuction and dental veneers, and claims that it is exactly what she wanted to do ever since she started her glamour model career in 1996. She may have also received vaginal rejuvenation surgery, according to insiders. Her boobs seem to be the main focus of enhancements. Katie is rumored to have had over 8 separate breast enhancement operations in her career and at one point she was sporting size 32GG breasts.

In June 2016, Katie spoke with Loose Women, a British panel show, and admitted that she recently had fat taken from her stomach and re-injected to her face to get a more vibrant, youthful look. She has always been very open about her enhancements and almost seemed thankful that it got her so far in her career.

However, with all the silicone, porcelain and dermal fillers being put into her body, it’s only a matter of time before side effects begin to show. Katie Price recently suffered from an implant eruption shortly after being crowned winner of the Celebrity Big Brother show in 2015. One of her implants became infected and had to be removed. It took a few months to get corrective surgery and nearly a year to be fully repaired. Fortunately, the complication was not life threatening and Katie is now fully recovered and ready to fight gossip once again.

Even with all the slander she faces from the media and plastic surgery complications she experienced, it’s easy to see that Katie Price is still proud to have had cosmetic enhancements. It is clear that her beauty means more than the world to her as she built her entire reputation and career based on it. Katie is a clear example that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She did not get plastic surgery for anyone but herself, and she’s proud of it.

- KT


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