Katie Price Continues To Fight the Aging Process

Posted August 02, 2017
Katie Price Continues To Fight the Aging Process

Katie Price, a British model and reality star, has never been one to hide her cosmetic surgeries. Price proudly displayed her latest adventure in plastic surgery last month by showing her “brand new face” on social media.

Price informed her fans that she “had a facelift last Friday” and that the photo she shared was taken five days after the surgery. She also said “I know you all think I’m mad. I am mad, but I’m preventing aging.” Besides a photo of her “brand new face”, she also shared a close look at her plumper lips.

Katie Price has never been one to hide anything from her fans when it comes to having cosmetic surgery. She has undergone Botox, veneers, seven breast enhancements, rhinoplasty and even had filler placed in her lips.  When asked why she decided to have so much work performed on her body, Price replied that her view on plastic surgery is to do what feels right for your body. She also hopes that when she is 90 years old, “you’ll only be able to tell my real age by my knees and feet!”

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