Jaw Filler - Why is it Popular?

Posted December 07, 2020
Fillers can help define your jaw better

Over the last ten years, there has been an increase in the amount of people desiring an enhancement in the definition of their face. The latest trend in the desire for a more defined look to the face is a more prominent appearance to the chin and the jawline. One of the most popular methods of improving the look of the jaw is through the injection of Juvederm Volux. This filler option even won the “New Treatment of the Year” award at the Global MyFaceMyBody Awards in 2019.  Patients that are interested in gaining a better definition to the jawline can learn more about this cosmetic procedure, and other options, in the informative article below.

Jaw Filler Grows in Popularity

The use of fillers has changed over the years. Dermal fillers have progressed from simply adding volume and filling in lines on the face to providing a greater amount of restoration to the foundations of the face.

As mentioned above, Juvederm Volux is a popular filler choice. It is a dermal filler, made of hyaluronic acid, which is specifically designed to be used in the jawline and chin of patients. Juvederm Volux can improve the overall facial harmony of a patient by strengthening the appearance of the chin and jawline. It can also reduce the appearance of any jowls in the treated area, improve the look of a double chin and give a person a jawline that has greater definition.

Juvederm Volux does differ from other options to treat a double chin such as Kybella and CoolSculpting which are products that work to decrease the size of the fat pad that sits below the chin. CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells and permanently kills them while Kybella is an injection that dissolves fat cells.

Juvederm Volux is injected under the skin to provide a better contour to the jawline and a greater definition and firmness to sagging areas of the jawline. Its dense formula allows it to be sculpted in a precise fashion, create stronger lines and provide greater definition.

Why Patients Lose Volume in the Jawline

While some people naturally have a jawbone or chin that has a small or weak appearance, other people lose volume in the jawline thanks to the aging process. As people age, their cheeks deflate which means their facial fat starts to droop downwards thanks to gravity. There can also be a loss of bone in the jaw which means the lower face no longer has a strong framework. The lack of a strong framework means both the skin and fat in the area can loosely hang and can cause a look that is saggy. Jowls can develop and the neck can have a looser look that can also be described as a double chin.

Patients that Want Jaw Filler

While this cosmetic treatment is able to be performed on patients of all ages, the enhancement of the jawline and chin is a popular treatment for younger patients with a weaker jaw on chin due to genetics. They would rather not undergo invasive surgery in order to advance the jawbone.

It is also a popular cosmetic treatment option for older patients that have lost the strength of their jawline as they age. In these older patients, the cheeks often need to be addressed as well in order to ensure the soft tissues of the face have enough support.

Jaw Filler Risks and Results

If patients decided to use Juvederm Volux, the results can last up to two years. Patients will need to have follow-up treatments in order to maintain the results. In addition, they will experience some bruising and swelling immediately after the treatment but these conditions will resolve on their own.

Kybella results are permanent as the fat that is removed beneath the chin will not return. Patients will experience some minimal swelling, redness and bruising for a week or two after the procedure.

CoolSculpting results are also long-lasting and can be considered to be permanent. The frozen and destroyed fat cells will not return to the targeted area after the treatment. There might be some swelling, bruising and redness after the procedure but these conditions will not be long-lasting.

Schedule an Appointment with a Board-Certified Doctor

Patients that are interested in jaw filler should schedule an appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing this cosmetic procedure. The doctor will examine the jaw of the patient to determine the amount of changes that can be made as well as the best option to achieve the desired results.

During the consultation appointment, the doctor should answer any questions on the mind of the patient and also share “before and after” photos to show results from actual patients treated by the doctor.

Once the doctor and the patient are in agreement about the extent of the final results that can be achieved, a cosmetic procedure can be scheduled to perform a jaw filler treatment.



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