Instagram Model Wants Smaller Breasts - Details on Reduction Reasons

Posted April 15, 2022
Neyleen Ashley talks about why she regrets breast augmentation

The desire to have breast implants placed in the body is shared by women who want to gain a bigger size and contour to the breasts. The size of the implants that will be inserted needs to consider the body frame of the person, so the appearance of the breasts looks natural (instead of it being obvious that the patient had some help in the way of augmentation). In addition, breast implants that are too big can cause health problems for the patient. Here is the story of one model who later regretted her decision to receive overly large implants during breast augmentation surgery.

Busty Breast Regrets from a Miami Model

Neyleen Ashley is a model from Miami who is famous for having the “biggest breasts in the United States.’ The 33-year-old model had three boob jobs in the past and she currently has 1250 CC implants which are the largest size of implants that are legally available in the United States. The placement of the breast implants cost her more than $17,500.

Even though she made the decision to have these larger breast implants placed in the body, Ashley wants to have them removed because she claims they are currently causing her health problems.

According to a recent interview, Ashley says the heavy nature of the large breasts has caused her to suffer from back pain/back tension and painful migraines. She told the press, “I’ve always suffered from horrific migraines, but they got worse three years ago [after going under the knife].”

She added, “Almost every day, my upper shoulders and tendons have a lot of tension and it feels like my shoulders and neck are stretched.”

Instagram Star Plans on Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Her large breasts helped to make Ashely a star on social media and she currently has more than 2.5-million followers on Instagram. Her eye-catching breasts are the subject of attention and compliments from her online fans.

Even though Ashely considers her breasts to be her “money makers,” the pain she is experiencing from their size and weight are becoming too much for her to bear on a daily basis. She is no longer able to properly workout and she wants them removed to improve her quality of life.

“I plan on getting my implants completely removed and doing a fat graft, or just getting a smaller implant instead. Several doctors have advised me that it will be major surgery, where I will have a lot of scarring and tissue removed.”

Even though she wants to have her breast implants removed in order to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort she feels each day, Ashely plans on waiting until she is finished having children before undergoing the breast reduction surgery. She is currently the mother of two boys, and she has not shared how many more kids she plans on having in the future.

Model with Busty Breasts – Her Online Followers React

Once she announced her decision to have her breast implants removed during a video on TikTok that gained more than 3-million views, the reaction was swift and mixed from her online  followers.

Some of her fans simply took her announcement as an opportunity to make slight sexual comments such as one person who wrote, “I don’t mind holding them for you, I’m a gentleman.”

Thankfully, other fans showed their concern for her well-being and complimented Ashely on making her overall health and wellness a priority. One fan responded to her announcement by saying, “If you want to, get rid of them. It is your health and that’s what matters.”

Breast Implant Process Explained

The placement of breast implants helps a patient to gain a larger or enhanced size and shape to the breasts. The implants, which are made of either silicone or saline (sterile salt water), are placed under the chest muscle or behind the breast tissue of the patient. The incision that is created so the surgeon can place the implants is sutured shut after the procedure. In addition to providing a greater size or volume to the breasts, the surgery can also be performed to give the person a more balanced look to breasts that are asymmetrical in appearance.

Candidates for breast implant surgery should be in overall good health and not pregnant or breastfeeding at the time of the procedure. Patients need to be at least 22 years of age, but doctors can approve saline implants for women that are at least 18 years old.

Once the implants are placed in the body, the patient will likely experience some amount of pain in the treated area. There will be some gauze dressings that need to be worn for a few days after the surgery. When the gauze dressings are removed, they will be replaced by a special surgical bra that helps to support the breasts. The doctor will advise the patient to limit any unnecessary movements as well as rest during the recovery process. Some of the movements that should be avoided include lifting, bending, or straining as these unnecessary movements can cause pain and also slow the healing process.

In general, breast implants can last anywhere from 10-20 years before they need to be removed or replaced.

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