New Look to the Lips - How a Lip Lift Works

Posted July 18, 2022
How to get new lips with lip lift

Patients who want to gain a fresh look to the lips (such as a fuller and thicker appearance) often choose to have a lip lift to gain the desired changes. In general, a lip lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed to shorten the space between the top of the lip and the nose of a patient. The procedure is able to provide a greater amount of visible pink lip tissue. When it comes to having a lip lift, there are multiple choices that can provide different results.

Before we discuss what happens during the procedure, check out the “Lip Lift Q&A” from Cosmetic Town TV:

Lip Lift – What is the Procedure?

As mentioned above, a lip lift can shorten the space that runs between the top lip and nose of a person. (FYI: The name for this part of the face is known as the philtrum). One of the main purposes of the procedure is to eliminate some of the thinness that is present in the upper lip.

During a lip lift, the surgeon will create an incision either above the lip or around the base of the nose. Once the incision is created, the surgeon will remove a small amount of skin in the targeted area and then lift the lip in an upward manner towards the nose so it can be secured into place.

The final result of the lip lift will permanently see the lip having a larger height as well as a more visible pout to the lips.

Patients that do not want to have a surgical lip lift can have filler injected into the lips to restore their natural contour. However, the results are not permanent, and patients will need to have follow-up treatments to maintain the results.

Lip Lift – Different Treatment Options

Types of Lip LiftsSome of the most common types of lip lifts include:

  • Direct Lip Lift – This is a treatment where the surgeon creates an incision on the edge of the upper lip. The doctor will remove a portion of the skin that is described as resembling a seagull that is flying. The surgeon will then pull the lip upwards so it can be secured into place. In order for this lip lift option to be successful, the patient will need to have enough excess skin in the targeted area that can be removed and lifted.
  • Corner Lip Lift – This is an ideal option for a person with lips that curve downwards. The surgeon will remove small portions of skin that have a triangular shape. These portions of skin are located above the outward corner of the mouth. Then, the lip is lifted upwards and anchored into place for a more youthful look that is also less downturned.
  • Subnasal Bullhorn – This is a lip lift technique where excess skin is removed from beneath the nostrils. The procedure gained its name from the fact that the removed skin has the same look as the horns of a bull. A small incision is made under the nose so the lip can be lifted upwards and then anchored into place with the pink part of the lips rolling outwards for a greater pout.

Lip Lift – Ideal Candidates Examined

Overall, a lip lift is a good option for someone who wants lips that have an appearance that is fuller and thicker. In addition, a lip lift can be an ideal choice for a person who wants less space between the upper lip and the nose especially if this space increases with age.

Lip Lift – Healing Process and Recovery Period

Once the lip lift is performed, the patient will need to rest for 24 hours after the treatment. The person should avoid exercising for a week or two while the treated area of the lips properly heals. There should be no lifting of heavy items or performing strenuous activities during the healing process.

The patient will need to eat soft food for a few days after the surgery and not open the mouth too wide, so the sutures are able to remain intact. The person who had the lip lift will need to sleep on their back with their head elevated as well as moisturize the lips using some form of lip balm for one to three weeks after the surgery.

Since a lip lift is a surgical procedure, some of the possible complications include nerve damage, infection, scarring, and bruising.

Lip Lift – Consult with an Experienced Professional

Patients who are interested in having a lip lift should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified surgeon who is experienced in performing the procedure. The surgeon will examine the current condition of the lips to determine which lip lift option will provide the desired results. The surgeon will also check the lips to see if the surgery needs to be performed for reconstruction purposes or to address a congenital disability (these are reasons the surgery might be covered by insurance).

The patient also needs to ask for “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the doctor so the person can get a better idea about the type of results they can expect to see after the surgery.

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