Dolly Parton - Not Afraid of Plastic Surgery

Posted February 03, 2021
Dolly Parton Discusses Plastic Surgery

Dolly Parton is considered to be a musical legend as well as one of the beloved entertainers on the planet. She was twice nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom and she also donated one million dollars at the start of the coronavirus pandemic to help fund research efforts for a vaccine. In addition, to her singing, songwriting and philanthropic efforts, Parton is also known for her love of plastic surgery. Let’s take a look at the changes she has made to her appearance over the years through various cosmetic procedures that she has not been shy about sharing with the public.

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Procedures

Parton has openly discussed some of her past cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation, fillers and Botox. In addition, there is speculation about Dolly undergoing liposuction along with procedures performed on her nose and chin.

As opposed to many celebrities that try and keep their plastic surgery a secret, Dolly Parton has never been one to keep the changes in her appearance a secret. In fact, she has even publicly identified one of her plastic surgeons, John A. Grossman, MD, FACS, by name.

Dolly Discusses Her Appearance

When asked about the inspiration for her appearance over the years, Parton told Oprah Winfrey that her look was based on a woman from her Tennessee hometown located in the Great Smokey Mountains. In the interview, Parton said “I really patterned my look after the town tramp in our hometown, the trollop. The one that would kind of walk up and down the streets, get in a car, ride off for a few minutes, come back and get in another car…I just knew she was beautiful. She had all this beautiful blonder hair, red lipstick and makeup, tight short skirts and high heeled shoes.”

In order to achieve the look she wanted, Parton turned to cosmetic surgery to gain the beauty she wanted to have on a daily basis. She also never thought of herself as a “natural beauty”. Instead, she viewed her beauty as a journey with a specific destination in mind. In order to achieve that destination, she had to undergo plastic surgery to attain her goal.

Parton told Oprah that her desire was “to be pretty. I was that backwoods Barbie. I was impressed with that, and I just always felt more inside than how I looked on the outside.”

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgeon of Choice

When the topic of the plastic surgery alterations possibly changing as she aged was asked, Parton remarked that she was not worried about her appearance being viewed as “artificial”. She approached cosmetic surgery as something she wanted to do and she was not afraid to make her dream appearance a reality. Dolly was ready to appear as young as her plastic surgeon would allow her to look because she did not have “time to get old”.

As mentioned above, there is one plastic surgeon that has worked with Parton multiple times over the years to help Dolly in her quest to gain her ideal look. John A. Grossman, MD, FACS, is a double board-certified plastic surgeon that has medical offices in both Beverly Hills and Denver. In addition to working with Dolly Parton, Dr. Grossman has also made many appearances on network TV and cable television to discuss the topic of plastic surgery. Parton has been known to say that Dr. Grossman does “all her fender work” that has helped her to maintain her iconic appearance over the years.

Dr. Grossman has been quoted as saying that plastic surgery is an art and he has also referred to himself as a “sculptor in the flesh”. He once told People Magazine that Parton was “genetically gifted” with “naturally beautiful skin”. He also said Parton made it a point to stay out of the sun as much as possible in order to prevent premature aging of the skin as well as prevent any damage to the skin that could be caused by the sun.

Dr. Grossman has admitted to performing facial rejuvenation procedures on Dolly “on many occasions” but he did state that the singer has never undergone a full facelift. In addition to the facial rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Grossman mentioned that he had augmented her “generous bosom” years earlier. He has also implied that Parton was not against the idea of having multiple procedures in order the get the results she desired. Grossman says he has “done procedures beyond the obvious for Ms. Parton” and even hinted at a possible butt lift in her past.

While it is true that many celebrities are not willing to share their beauty secrets, such as plastic surgery, with the public, Dolly Parton is certainly not afraid to share her life with her fans. It also seems like she is not afraid to continue using plastic surgery as a way to maintain her desired appearance in both her public and private life.

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