Do the Kardashians Promote Perfection to Their Fans

Posted December 31, 2019
Do the Kardashians promote looking perfect to their fans

The Kardashians are well-known for their red carpet looks and many of their fans want to look like their favorite member of this reality TV family. In order to look like the Kardashian or Jenner they most admire, fans will have plastic surgery to alter their looks in order to achieve an appearance that is close to what they see on TV and in red carpet photos. Before any type of plastic surgery takes place, doctors will discuss the desired changes with patients to make sure they fully understand the (sometimes) permanent changes that can result from plastic surgery. It sometimes seems like fans feel a need to look “perfect” when it comes to imitating and emulating the look of their favorite Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian Addresses her Appearance

Kim Kardashian's appearanceKim Kardashian has often remarked that she finds it funny people think she had a nose job. Even though her nose looks much different than it did ten years ago, she claims that the appearance of her nose is due to makeup as opposed to rhinoplasty. Kim says the look of her nose is achieved through contouring or lighting and that is why it looks smaller than in years past.

While getting her makeup done at The Master Class is Los Angeles, Kim said “I never had my nose done.” She did speculate that having three children might have caused the changes to her face. She added, “Everyone thought I did, and I said, ‘Wait until I have kids because (that’s when) your real features come out’.”

Whether or not Kim has undergone rhinoplasty, she has done an excellent job in convincing her fans that she always had her current look until she had children. She has convinced her fans that lighting has been the difference in her appearance as opposed to the best plastic surgeons and facial artists in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Fans Want to Look like Kim Kardashian

In the era of social media, and especially with image focused social media platforms such as Instagram, fans are often willing to believe that celebrities achieved their appearance naturally. In addition, some fans are desperate to look like the Kardashians which makes sense because it can be argued that the branding of their family is based on aspiration.

Fans aspire to look like Kim and her sisters when it comes to their clothes, lifestyle choices and their looks. While Kim Kardashian has not always been very open about the changes in her appearance, she is suspected of undergoing numerous cosmetic surgery procedures over the years. Some of the procedures that her fans speculate about when it comes to Kim include liposuction, Botox, butt implants, fillers and breast augmentation.

As mentioned above, Kim has been rather quiet in the past about her suspected plastic surgeries. However, her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, did admit to having fillers placed in her lips in the past. It took Kylie a little while to admit that she did have fillers as she claimed that the changes to the appearance of her lips, that made them look fuller, was thanks to makeup and lighting. She finally admitted to having fillers placed in her lips and she told a journalist that “It’s just something that I wanted to do.”

Thanks to her admitting to having lip fillers in order to gain fuller lips, Kylie was able to release a line of lip liners and lipsticks which eventually evolved into more makeup for her fans to purchase.

The Looks of the Kardashians and Their Fans

Some people might argue that it is not any business of the public if, and when, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have any type of plastic surgery performed on their bodies. They will say that it is completely up the sisters when it comes to their looks and any alterations they make to their appearance.

However, that is not completely the case when it comes to the appearance of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Their insistence that their appearance is thanks to makeup techniques and good lighting is not completely accurate. Fans of the Kardashians, and other celebrities, desire what they see as “the perfect look” with their celebrity idols. They see celebrities post selfies filled with “perfect” eyebrows, and altered body features such as the nose and full lips as well as larger breasts and buttocks.

Perfection is part of the message celebrities such as the Kardashians are promoting to their fans and this puts a large amount of pressure on their fans to dress and look a certain way at all times. Some of the females that try to look like them will be disappointed because their natural look is not anything close to the look of Kim and her sisters. Plus, they won’t be able to achieve great lighting or learn makeup tricks that can transform their look into a “Kardashian look”. This presents real issues that need to be addressed by cosmetic surgeons before they agree to augment the appearance of a person with fillers, Botox or cosmetic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty or a BBL.



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