Cosmetic Surgery and Hollywood - See the Connection

Posted January 24, 2023
How does Hollywood celebrities influence cosmetic surgery

As recently as 2021, the Aesthetic Society reported that aesthetic plastic surgery procedures increased by an amount of 54% in the United States. There are some who feel that Hollywood is the leader in setting commonly held beauty standards both on the big screen and in the public eye. Many celebrities have cosmetic surgery to alter or enhance their looks in order to try and reach the standards of beauty held by the public. Thanks to the growing number of celebrities admitting to celebrity plastic surgery, there has been an increasing acceptance of the part of the public when it comes to the topic of cosmetic surgery.

Hollywood and Social Media – How They Influence Cosmetic Surgery

Hollywood and Social Media InfluenceIn an interview with Forbes, a cosmetic surgeon said the cosmetic surgery industry has grown in popularity due to the increased social acceptance of cosmetic procedures. “It is not uncommon for people to come in trying to get what some celebrity got. However, we consider these procedures from a holistic point of view and try to guide our patients to understand what outcome they are trying to achieve and not what specific procedure they want.”

As an example of the role Hollywood and social media play in shaping the public perception of cosmetic surgery, A New York-based surgeon discussed the current trend of buccal fat pad removal which is a procedure that highlights the cheekbones of a person thanks to the removal of some of the fat from the buccal fat pad. The surgeon said, “I think social media plays a tremendous role. We’re seeing social media setting all kinds of trends, as people are having faster and more frequent access to latest celebrity looks and trends.”

In addition, members of the public are sharing their experiences with their friends and family which also lessens any public stigma about plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery – Rise in the Number of Cosmetic Surgeons

Along with the continuing acceptance of cosmetic surgery among the public, there is also an increased number of medical practitioners performing plastic surgery. For example, a report from last year said there are 14,049 plastic surgery businesses operating in the United States including general practitioners and nurse practitioners who have changed their field of medical practice to include cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers as well as practitioners who perform other plastic surgery procedures.

Advances in technology require medical professionals to keep in mind that each person has unique needs when it comes to their body. No matter their level of experience, they need to remain focused, so they are aware of any and all details during surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery – Is it Part of the Fashion Industry?

As cosmetic surgery continues to increase in popularity, the performance of a surgical procedure is considered to be part of the fashion industry as well as the medical industry. It is also considered to be a beauty treatment as much as a procedure that can improve the health of a patient.

There are reality TV shows that focus on the cosmetic surgery industry along with scripted dramas such as “Nip/Tuck” that focused on a plastic surgery center in Miami and Los Angeles. Many celebrities who have cosmetic surgery view it as part of their normal routine to maintain a certain appearance in the eyes of the public.

The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery has also seen the evolution of plastic surgery clinics from individual private practices to multiple locations in a certain city (such as Los Angeles where the movie and TV industries are located) or across the country. The growth of plastic surgery clinics can also have a financial benefit in the future. Before now, the retirement of a doctor meant their medical office or clinic would close and go out of business. These days, many doctors have the option of selling their practice to another physician or a private equity firm for a profit at the end of their careers.

Cosmetic Surgery – Patients Who Still Have Doubts

Even with the growing number of medical practices opening across the country, there are still some people who are not certain about having a procedure due to a fear of risks or complications or not wanting to be judged for having a surgery.

Recently, Sunny Hostin, one of the hosts of “The View,” shared the story of her breast reduction surgery on the show. “When I was 16, I had a very bad body image, because I had double D boobs. I never thought they would get any bigger.” However, once she had kids, the size of her breasts reached a G-cup.

Hostin went on to add, “As many of you know, for years on the show, I have worn a sports bra, a minimizer, and a binder all at the same time, so that I could wear clothing that I felt comfortable in, and finally, my back hurt so much.”

While her husband was against the idea of surgery, Hostin had a procedure that cost over $30,000 and took five hours to perform. The final results took her breast size from a G-cup to a C. While she shared her story with viewers, Hostin did say she understands the desire of some celebrities to keep their decision private due to personal considerations or still being unsure about talking about cosmetic surgery with the public despite its increased normalization in the entertainment industry.

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