Cosmetic Micro-Procedures – Discover the Most Popular Treatments

Posted September 15, 2021
Cosmetic Micro-Procedure popularity

For a good number of people in the workforce, it has been over a year since they have been to their office. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused many employees to continue working at home, but this looks to be changing as businesses start to open their doors again at a slow and steady rate. The return to the office, and the renewed face-to-face (mask-to-mask) interactions with others, is actually putting some pressure on workers because they feel like they need to present a "better version" of their appearance when they are back at work. Some people are turning to cosmetic micro-procedures to make the desired enhancements to their look and here is a look at the most popular procedures.

Cosmetic Micro-Procedures - The Reasons behind Their Popularity

One of the reasons behind the popularity of cosmetic micro-procedures is the need workers feel to look like they "have it all together" even with the world in such a state of flux at the moment. Even with so many people experiencing fatigue from being quarantined due to COVID-19, they are still uncertain about being in the same room with others. According to a recent survey from the American Psychological Association, 49\\% of adults are not comfortable with the idea of resuming in-person interactions. A portion of the anxiety felt by the public can be linked to how others will see them and/or how others will judge their appearance. 

In addition, working online from home has resulted in workers viewing their features for hours on end on a computer screen during meetings. As pandemic restrictions are starting to relax, there has been an increase in cosmetic surgery procedures as patients want to enhance or tweak their appearance. 

Cosmetic Micro-Procedures - Some of the Most Popular Choices

In general, cosmetic micro-procedures are an alternative to surgical procedures that require a long recovery period. Instead, they require very little recovery time (or no recovery time at all) while delivering a natural look to the treated area. They are also a popular option because the results are more subtle in appearance than an invasive surgical procedure, so patients are able to recover without others realizing they had a treatment. 

One of the most popular choices is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) photofacial that makes changes to the overall tone of the complexion of the patient. The cosmetic doctor uses a precision light generator in order to lessen and minimize skin discolorations that can occur due to an accumulation of sun damage over the years. In addition, IPL treatments can work to reduce the appearance of blood vessels as well as redness in the skin. Patients appreciate the fact there is little downtime associated with an IPL treatment and they can instantly resume their normal activities. IPL treatments can address discoloration issues on the face, neck, hands, and chest but patients should know that it might be necessary to have multiple treatments in order to achieve the desired results. Patients should also be aware of the fact that there is a chance of some light blistering or swelling after the procedure, but these conditions will resolve on their own.

Patients that want to address fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles, and other signs of aging on the face can have a non-surgical facelift to try and turn back the clock. The skin is treated using a device that heats up the deeper layers of the skin so the tissues will begin to contract. The final result eliminates a good amount of the puffiness on the face as well as provides an overall lifted appearance thanks to fewer fine lines, a sharper jawline, a reduction of jowls and tighter skin. It has been said this treatment gives the face a chance to adhere more tightly to the underlying bone structure. There are no real side effects that have been reported with this treatment option.

Skin remodeling is able to tighten loose skin without the need to have invasive surgery. A device that combines microneedling and radiofrequency technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the body. Skin remodeling is able to handle issues such as loose and saggy skin, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and scarring. Some of the possible side effects include tingling skin and redness that resolve on their own.

Cosmetic Micro-Procedures and Cumulative Benefits

In an interview with The Huffington Post, one doctor stated, "The purpose of micro-procedures is to enhance your features in a natural way and act as a preventative measure." These procedures will usually need to be repeated to maintain the results so there will be a cumulative benefit to having them performed multiple times on patients. 

The interview on The Huffington Post website also stated, "There are no instant result treatments when it comes to improving complexion. Skin is a complex organ. Some factors to consider during an evaluation include skin type, severity of [the condition], presence of melasma and skin sensitivity. It takes a lot of effort to correct and maintain healthy skin."

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