Cosmetic Media Friend-sy

Posted February 05, 2015

Social media has proven to be a useful tool in the world. With the advent of social technologies that make your life as visible as possible, people are now turning to cosmetic surgery to make themselves permanently resemble what they portray through selfies, filters and other social network tools. The influence of such power at a user’s finger tips is now fueling the medical world to the point where social media has produced a new wave of cosmetic surgery perimeters.

In years past, scores of patients walked into their surgeon’s office wanting a celebrity’s famous feature, like Jessica Biel’s nose, Angelina Jolie’s lips, or Kim Kardashian’s butt.  Now, it has become more common for prospective patients to walk in and use a filtered and doctored selfie as an example of their desired results. Patience now want the permanence of what technology has allowed them to fake on their profiles.    

This is a push in a different direction all together. Though this may seem like a narcissistic development, it isn’t. Society is now trying its hardest to look like itself, rather trying to conform to the standards of the God given features of celebrities. This allows people to be the person they want to be on and off the computer making the perception of the social users a reality for them and everyone else around them.  


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