Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Addict

Posted August 16, 2019

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a personal choice. Some patients decide to have a plastic surgery like rhinoplasty to address health problems such as breathing issues. Other patients decide to have plastic surgery to make a long awaited change in their appearance. Whatever the reasons for the plastic surgery procedure, the decision to undergo plastic surgery that will make long lasting changes to the look of a person is not one to be taken lightly. Plus, there is the issue of patients that take plastic surgery too far by undergoing multiple procedures to the point that their health might be at risk due to the multiple treatments. The family of one Virginia woman is worried about her health now, as well as her health in the future, thanks to her undergoing over 20 plastic surgery procedures so far.

Most Recent Procedures Undergone by a Plastic Surgery Addict from Virginia

Kristen Snider is a 28-year-old woman from Virginia that decided to undergo plastic surgery due to some bullying in her youth. Her decision has led to over 20 plastic surgery procedures that have cost her more than $187,000. Even with the double digit number of plastic surgeries she has had in the past, Snider is determined to go back under the knife despites the fears of her family. They worry that she is a plastic surgery addict and her obsession with making changes to her appearance could possibly kill her.

Snider had her first plastic surgery procedure in 2010. In an interview with the British newspaper, The Daily Mirror, she said “I was frequently made fun of in school and that forced me to learn to not care what other people think of myself and my choices. Being a perfectionist, ambitious and creative is a quick way to become a plastic surgery addict.”

In an effort to create the ideal version of her appearance, Snider has even had some of her ribs removed. During a rib removal surgery, parts of the 11th or 12th ribs are removed from the body of the patient. The 10th ribs are rarely removed by a plastic surgeon because those are the ribs that protect the kidneys. However, there are some photos that were allegedly taken after her rib removal surgery that seemingly show that her 10th rib was removed.

Additional Plastic Surgery Procedures Performed on this Plastic Surgery Addict

In addition to the rib removal plastic surgery, Snider told the British newspaper that she had several plastic surgery procedures performed on her face to make a drastic change in her overall appearance.

She told the newspaper, “I had jaw contouring, chin contouring, a lip lift, rhinoplasty, cheek implants, forehead reshaping and a brow lift. My first Brazilian butt lift (BBL) was in December 2015 and I had another butt lift in December 2018 and I then had 500cc bum implants put in too.” Snider says she also had a second rhinoplasty surgery in 2016 along with a second chin reshaping procedure, jaw reshaping and even fat grafting to her forehead in December 2017.

The Reasons for so Many Plastic Surgeries from a Plastic Surgery Addict

When asked why she has undergone so many plastic surgery procedures, Snider said “I view my body as a canvas and surgery as the tool to achieve the image I have of myself in my head.”

Even though Snider is happy with the changes she has made to her appearance through plastic surgery, she says that her family members do not share the same views. In fact, Snider says her family members worry that her love of plastic surgery might result in an early death for her.

What is her response to their concerns? “We all have our opinions on what is beautiful. We can’t try to push our ideals on others.

Snider is not done with her wish list of plastic surgery procedures. In the future, she wants to get implants in her thighs and hips as well as undergo a rib narrowing procedure. It is not clear if she is visiting the same plastic surgeon each time or if Snider is simply following new advancements in plastic surgery and is seeking out plastic surgeons that are experienced in performing her procedures of choice.

Plastic Surgeons and Plastic Surgery Addicts

As mentioned above, the decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one that must be given great consideration before it is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. While the board-certified plastic surgeon will conduct a physical examination of the patient to make sure the person is healthy enough to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, the plastic surgeon will also make sure the patient is mentally ready for the permanent changes that will occur to the body after the surgery. A consultation appointment to determine if a patient is having the plastic surgery procedure to please another person, as well as making sure the person is not having multiple surgeries due to any self-image or body dysmorphia issues, needs to be conducted before any type of plastic surgery procedure is performed on a patient.



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