Celebrity Watch: Witness the Beauty Transformation of Cardi B

Posted January 23, 2019

In the last few years, Cardi B has emerged as one of the queens of hip hop and has taken the music industry by storm. She is known just as much for her music as she is known for her fashion style, the drama in her romantic life and her feuds with other hip hop artists.

Even though she has not been in the game as long as other rappers, there has still been a good amount of transformation when it comes to her appearance. Cosmetic Town TV recently took a look at the beauty transformation of Cardi B:

Cardi B Breast Augmentation

Unlike other celebrities that undergo plastic surgery, Cardi B has been very vocal about some of her procedures, For example, she had breast augmentation surgery to enhance her appearance and gain more volume and shape in her breasts.

Breast augmentation, AKA augmentation mammoplasty or a “boob job”, increases the fullness and size of the breasts. When it comes to augmenting the breasts, there are different ways this desired change can be accomplished:

  • Breast implants can be placed in a number of locations and they include being inserted under the breast (inframammary), through the belly button (transumbilical), in the armpit (transaxillary) or in the areola. In addition, the implant is able to be placed above the muscle (subglandular) or under the muscle (submuscular). Once the implants are in the desired position, the incision is closed with sutures. Implants come in a variety of materials and they include saline, silicone and gummy bear implants (cohesive gel silicone).
  • Fat grafting is a technique that is also known as autologous fat transfer. Fat is removed, through the use of liposuction, from another area of the body such as the thighs or the abdomen. The fat is cleansed and purified and it is then injected into the breasts to increase their volume.

Cardi B Black Market Butt Fillers

Cardi B has not been shy about discussing her experience getting fillers in her backside. She did not visit a board-certified doctor to receive her butt filler treatment and she has gone on record as saying how painful the experience was for her at the time.

Butt fillers are used to enhance and improve the amount of volume in the backside of a patient. They provide a better contour as well as an increase in the size and shape of the treated area. It is recommended to visit a board-certified surgeon to have butt fillers injected into the backside. The doctor will discuss the various options with the patient as well as make sure the person does not have any allergies to the materials included in the filler. If a patient gets butt fillers from someone that is not board-certified and experienced in the procedure, the chances of side effects and scars after the treatment are much greater for the person.

Cardi B Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

When a celebrity is on the red carpet, their fans love to see their smile in photos taken during the event. Cardi B has admitted to around $40,000 worth of cosmetic dentistry to improve her smile and give her the results she desired. There are multiple choices when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and they include teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, dental bonding, fillings and implants. 

Cardi B had two cosmetic dentistry procedures performed and they are:

  • Veneers are custom-made materials that are tooth colored. They are usually made from porcelain and they cover the front of the teeth as well as change the shape, size and color of the teeth. Veneers can be created using the direct method where the dentist directly sculpts and applies veneers to the front of the teeth. The indirect method is when the dentist takes an impression of the tooth and then sends it to a lab to be manufactured. A temporary veneer is placed on the tooth until the manufactured one is returned and is bonded to the teeth. Before placing the veneer, the dentist removes some tooth structure to the make room for the veneers.
  • Braces are used to straighten the teeth, improve the smile and provide a better bite. Cosmetic braces are transparent brackets and wires with clear or tooth colored brackets. The braces are self-tightening and a series of clear aligner trays are used to shift the teeth. The trays are switched out every 10-14 days for another set of trays until the teeth shift to their final position. Lingual braces can also be used. They are affixed to the back of the teeth and function more like traditional braces.



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