Celebrity Breast Augmentation - Best and Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs

Posted July 27, 2020
The best and worst celebrity breast augmentation examples

The desire to look their best on the red carpet, as well as the big and small screen, has been a driving force in the breast augmentation procedures undergone by many Hollywood celebrities. It is not always easy to tell which female celebrities turned to breast augmentation as makeup artists and Photoshop can sometimes alter the appearance of the breasts to make them look bigger in photos or at events. In addition, the ideal results of celebrity breast augmentation are natural in appearance and undetectable to the average eye. Breast augmentation can be performed by the placement of saline breast implants or silicone breast implants or by fat transfer to the breasts which means fat is taken from another part of the body of the patient and injected into the breasts. Some of the most aesthetically pleasing celebrity breast augmentation procedures have the general public wondering if the breasts of a celebrity are natural in appearance or the result of breast augmentation that enhances their appearance. Here is a look at some of the celebrities that represent the highs and lows of celebrity breast augmentation procedures.

Celebrity Breast Augmentation – Best and Worst Results

Some of the best celebrity breast augmentation examples include:

  • Kaley Cuoco – Sometimes a breast augmentation procedure is not performed simply to provide a greater amount of size, shape and contour to the breasts. Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory” is an example of a celebrity that has been very open about the increase in confidence she has received after her breast augmentation surgery. In addition to the size enhancement and increased contour to the breasts, Cuoco is enjoying a greater self-image after undergoing the augmentation procedure.
  • Kate Hudson breast augmentationKate Hudson – Some celebrity watchers feel that Kate Hudson had one of the best breast augmentation procedures since she made sure to select a final size that was appropriate for the frame of her body.  They are quite natural in appearance and could be mistaken for being her natural breasts since they are not excessively high on the body as sometimes happens with breast augmentation.
  • Halle Berry – When patients are looking for an example of a breast augmentation procedure that accurately fits the frame of the body, Halle Berry is an ideal example of these results. Her breasts are still natural in size and they are not overly projected in their appearance. In addition, the upper portions of the breasts are not unnaturally round or large even though her breast augmentation results have provided her with a more generous breast size after surgery.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – Jones is an acclaimed actress on television, the stage and the big screen. At the age of 50, her breasts are very round and lifted on her chest which is not often found in women her age. The natural appearance to her breasts is often believed to be the result of breast augmentation as they appear to still bounce naturally when she walks or runs which adds to their soft, natural appearance.
  • Jaime Pressly – Pressly, best known for her role on “My Name Is Earl”, has a fuller and more endowed appearance than she did in the past. The addition of some volume to the area of her breasts has eliminated the bony look to her chest and given it a fuller appearance.

Here are a few of the “not so great” results of celebrity breast augmentation:

  • Gwen Stefani breast augmentationGwen Stefani – While the celebrities listed above are regarded as good examples of celebrity breast augmentation, the results enjoyed by Gwen Stefani are sometimes viewed as being “a bit too much”. Stefani, the lead singer of No Doubt and a judge on “The Voice”, started her breast augmentation journey with very little breast tissue. To compensate for her smaller breasts, she received results that are overly projected, very round and almost too full in the upper area of the breasts which makes them look unnatural.
  • Audrina Partridge – This reality television star first gained fame on the MTV reality TV show, “The Hills”. Partridge has denied having any sort of breast augmentation surgery and claims that the changes in the appearance of her chest are due to a bone condition. However, her fans have remarked on the obvious increase in her breast volume over the years and many reality TV fans have speculated that she had breast implants placed to provide her increased volume in the chest. One of the reasons they suspect her of having breast implants that are less than natural in appearance is the fact that her larger breasts are not normally found on women that are considered to be thin and petite like Partridge.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

Anyone that is interested in undergoing breast augmentation should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in providing long-lasting, natural results. The doctor will examine the patient to discuss the desired final results and also determine the best technique to provide the amount of breast augmentation requested by the patient. The surgeon will also work to make sure the breast implants, or the breast augmentation provided by fat grafting to the breasts, is ideal for the frame of the patient and fits the size and shape of the body.



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