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Posted January 25, 2023
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The appearance of bags under the eyes can make a person look tired and less youthful than their actual age. If the person who has eye bags wants to improve the look of the undereye eye area, they have the option of lower eyelid surgery, AKA lower lid blepharoplasty, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes along with sagging or baggy skin.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Examined

Lower Eyelid Surgery ExaminedLower eyelid surgery, AKA eye bag surgery and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, is performed to correct the appearance of excess fat, loose skin, and wrinkles in the area of the lower eyes. These conditions can occur as the skin starts to naturally age since the skin can lose elasticity and fat. In turn, this can give the lower eyelid a look that is puffy and baggy. In order to address these conditions, lower eyelid surgery gives the area under the eyes a look that is smoother and more youthful.

The surgeon will remove the designated amount of excess skin and fat and then sew the skin under the eye back together so the treated area will have a look that is tighter and rejuvenated.

There are several options available to patients when it comes to having lower eyelid surgery. The procedure performed by the surgeon depends on the anatomy of the patient and the desired results.

The process starts with the surgeon marking the eyelids to act as a guide for making the incisions. Then, the surgeon will create incisions in the lower eyelid in order to remove excess skin and fat that is causing the puffy or sagging look to the lower eyelids. Once the desired amount of excess fat and skin is removed, the skin will be sewn or sutured back together in order to give the treated area under the eyes a look that is smoother and refreshed.

Depending on the amount of volume that was lost in the area beneath the eyes, the doctor might suggest injecting fat (from elsewhere on the body) into the hollow area under the eyes in order to give them a look that is fuller in appearance.

In general, lower eyelid surgery is performed to treat the following conditions:

  • Baggy look under the eyes
  • Wrinkly eyelid skin
  • Asymmetry in the size or appearance of the lower eyelids
  • Sagging eyelids
  • Dark circles under the eyes

Lower Eyelid Surgery Side Effects, Risks, and Results

Some of the common side effects of lower blepharoplasty include some swelling, soreness, and bruising. Cold compresses can be applied to the treated area for the first few days of recovery to help reduce the swelling.

It can also take about ten to fourteen days for the swelling and bruising to resolve enough that the patient will feel comfortable being out in public or returning to their place of work.

There are also some risks associated with the surgery patients should discuss with their surgeon before making the final decision to have the procedure. Some of the risks include bleeding, removal of an excessive amount of muscle, infection, cysts where the skin is sewn together after the surgery, numbness, double vision, and discoloration of the skin.

Lower eyelid surgery results are long-lasting, and they give the patient a look that is alert, younger, and rejuvenated in appearance. The final results can last between ten and fifteen years and the results will be impacted by the aging process, and how well the skin is treated and maintained after the recovery process is completed.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Cost

The cost of lower eyelid blepharoplasty can be anywhere from $3500-$5500. The final cost depends on the extent of the work performed by the surgeon, if any additional procedures are performed at the same time, the area of the country where it is performed, and any additional fees charged by the doctor or the medical facility.

Lower Eyelid Surgery – How to Get Started

Anyone who is interested in gaining a look to the lower eyelids that is more youthful in appearance should schedule a consultation appointment with a surgeon who is experienced in performing the procedure. Check the credentials of the surgeon to make sure the doctor is board-certified and properly trained when it comes to lower eyelid surgery.

The consultation appointment is when the doctor will examine the patient to make sure the person is healthy enough to have the surgery as well as an ideal candidate for the procedure. It is also an opportunity for the person wanting to have the treatment to ask any questions they have about the surgery so they will have the necessary information to be properly educated about lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

It is important for the patient to know what to expect during the surgery, as well as during the recovery process, in order to reduce the appearance of eye bags and enjoy a look that is youthful and rejuvenated in the lower eyelid area.

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