Jamie Lee Curtis - Plastic Surgery Revealed

Posted October 11, 2021
Jamie Lee Curtis reasons for Cosmetic Surgery

Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of acting legends and a well-known actor in her own right. She is also outspoken when it comes to her thoughts on plastic surgery and the changing beauty standards in Hollywood. 

According to the "Halloween Kills" star, "I tried plastic surgery and it didn't work, it got me addicted to Vicodin. I'm 22 years sober now." She added, "The current trend of fillers and procedures, and this obsession with filtering, and the things that we do to adjust our appearance on Zoom are wiping out generations of beauty. Once you mess with your face, you can't get it back."

Jamie Lee Curtis - Why She had Plastic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery and its impact on the physical and mental health of a person, Jamie Lee Curtis has experience with the subject. In 2019, she shared the story of how she had "routine surgery" after a cameraman said she was "not shooting her today. Her eyes are too puffy." At the time, she was filming the 1985 movie "Perfect".

"I was so mortified and embarrassed and had just so much shame about it that after that movie, I went and had routine plastic surgery to remove the puffiness." Curtis went on to explain that she has experienced puffy eyes since childhood.

After the surgery, "They gave me Vicodin as a painkiller for something that wasn't really painful." She also shared that her "eye job" led to a "cycle of addiction" with opioids in a 2018 interview. "I was ahead of the curve of the opiate epidemic. I had a 10-year run, stealing, conniving. No one knew. No one."

The actor is no stranger to addiction as her father was an alcoholic who also abused cocaine and heroin. In addition, her half-brother died from a heroin overdose in the 1990s. She spent a decade hiding her addiction from her loved ones before attending her first recovery meeting in 1999. "I'm breaking the cycle that has basically destroyed the lives of generations in my family. Getting sober remains my single greatest accomplishment...bigger than my husband, bigger than both of my children, and bigger than any work, success, failure. Anything."

Eye Bag Surgery to Correct Puffy Eyes

As a person gets older, they can develop bags under the eyes that give the appearance of being tired on a permanent basis. The tired look comes from the puffiness of the eyes and droopy skin. Eye bag surgery, which is also known as lower blepharoplasty, is performed to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from under the eyes. The procedure also provides a more rejuvenated look to the treated area. 

Lower blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that address either the skin in the treated area or both the skin and muscle that is located below the eye. The procedure repositions the "bags" under the eye, which is fat that protrudes from under the eye, and places them in a better position. The surgery also addresses fine lines and wrinkles as well as any sagging that can cause the lower eyelid to move away from the eyeball and then show more of the white area below the iris. The result is tighter skin around the eyes and a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

Lower blepharoplasty starts with the creation of an incision below the lash line that runs towards the outer corner of the eye. The surgeon will then raise the flap of skin (with muscle), so any areas of excess fat are able to be repositioned or removed by the doctor. The flap of skin is also pulled upwards, towards the outer cheek, in order to reduce, eliminate and improve the appearance of any saggy skin or wrinkles. The fat pads are draped over the orbital rim located along the upper check bone. The doctor finishes the surgery by suturing the flap into place, and trimming away any excess skin, before closing the incisions. 

Additional techniques to address the eye bags include transconjunctival blepharoplasty (a cut is made in the lower eyelid to remove excess fat) and canthopexy (where the lower lid is tightened and the lower lid muscles are placed in a higher position using sutures). 

Lower Blepharoplasty Recovery and Results

Patients will experience some swelling, irritation and bruising at the start of the recovery period. The amount of bruising can result in black and blue eyes for about three weeks.

Patients can return to work around two or three days after the surgery, but they should avoid any type of strenuous activity for two or three weeks while the swelling is subsiding. Patients should also wear sunglasses that are darkly tinted to protect their eyes from the sun during the recovery period. 

The results of eye bag surgery can be seen once a portion of the bruising and swelling starts to go down. If there was a portion of the skin removed, patients will be able to immediately see some results as the skin will have a tighter look. Once any lingering swelling completely resolves, the final results will be visible. The results can last anywhere from 10-15 years, but patients should know that the aging process will cause the skin to lose its laxity and it will begin to sag once again. 

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