Bridal Cosmetic Surgery Revealed

Posted February 06, 2020
Cosmetic Town shares the secrets of bridal cosmetic surgery

One of the latest trends in cosmetic surgery is a 30% increase in people considering cosmetic procedures as part of the preparations for their wedding day. The 30% increase was reported as recently as last year. While having a cosmetic procedure before a wedding is growing in popularity, future brides need to know more about the most popular procedures being performed as well as what they need to consider before making any changes in their appearance before their wedding day.

Common Bridal Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Many future brides are looking to have a fresher look on their wedding day so they want to address issues such as lines and wrinkles while also making sure they have a balanced and symmetrical appearance.

Some of the most popular procedures that address the facial features include a facelift, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty AKA an eye lift. There are also popular procedures for the body and they include breast augmentation (such as breast implants), breast lift, liposuction and butt augmentation.

What to Know before Cosmetic Bridal Surgery

Things to know before a cosmetic bridal surgeryPatients should be aware of the fact that some cosmetic procedures can result in long-lasting or permanent changes to the appearance.

For example, liposuction will remove fat permanently and provide a more contoured appearance to the bride but this doesn’t mean that the patient won’t gain fat on other areas of the body. They will need to take the proper steps to address the fat on other areas of the body in the future.

Rhinoplasty provides permanent results as long as the patient does not suffer an injury or trauma to the nose.

A breast lift can rejuvenate the appearance of the breasts for a younger appearance. However, the procedure will need to be repeated every ten to fifteen to twenty years (depending on the patient).

A facelift will need to be repeated every 10-15 years.

In other words, future brides should be aware that they will likely have to spend money before the wedding, as well as money after the wedding, to achieve and maintain their desired results.

Bridal Cosmetic Surgery and Positive Self-Image

Cosmetic surgery can certainly make positive improvements in the appearance of a person but it cannot always make an improvement in the self-image of a person. Some patients want to make a change in their outer appearance in order to try and make a change in their emotions or internal feelings about their appearance.

Bridal cosmetic surgery helps with positive self imageOne of the most important steps in the plastic surgery process is the consultation appointment between the patient and the doctor. This step is the time when the doctor can discuss the desired results with the patient and also set realistic expectations about the final results. The doctor can also determine if the patient is making the desired changes on their own or if the patient wants to make the changes in order to make someone else happy. Before any type of cosmetic surgery procedure is performed, the surgeon needs to make sure the patient is enjoying good mental health and also understands the type of changes that will be made to the body by the cosmetic treatment.

Bridal Cosmetic Surgery Timeline

Future brides that are considering having a major plastic surgery procedure should plan for a 12-month turnaround between the treatment and the final results to become visible. This time frame includes researching and searching for the right plastic surgeon to handle the procedure, the performance of the treatment and the recovery time and final results after the plastic surgery.

The above time frame should give a person plenty of time to recover from the procedure and that includes a smooth recovery period as well as any treatments that might have some complications after they are performed.

Patients that do not want to have overly complicated procedures can choose a “mini facelift” or a “mini tummy tuck” that can provide the desired results without the need to undergo a full facelift or a full abdominoplasty. Patients should be aware that the results from these procedures might not last as long as a traditional facelift or tummy tuck.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Bridal Plastic Surgery

The first step in the bridal plastic surgery process is scheduling a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon can provide patients with “before and after” photos of actual patients they have treated in order to show them the kind of results they can expect after the surgery.

In addition, surgeon will set realistic expectations so the patient will know what to expect and how long it will take the final results to become visible. Patients with realistic expectations have less of a chance of being surprised or disappointed by the final results.

Plastic surgery before a wedding is not a subject that should be taken lightly. The surgeon will need to chat with the future bride to make sure she is aware of any potential complications as well as the estimated recovery time so the bride will know what to expect from the surgery and will be able to take that into account during the wedding planning period.



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Elizabeth February 06, 2020 at 09:46 PM
What an interesting article, when it is going to be your big day you do want to look your best! Its good to know what the recovery is so you book procedures well in advance. Thank you for this.
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