Breast Lift Restores a Youthful Look to the Breasts

Posted December 17, 2019
See how a breast lift gives a youthful look to the breasts

As a person ages, the shape and position of the breasts can change. In addition, the breasts can get a different look or position after pregnancy, large weight loss or breastfeeding. In order to rejuvenate the look of breasts that are droopy or saggy in appearance, a breast lift can be performed to provide the breasts with a youthful and revitalized look.

Breast Lift Benefits

Benefits of breast liftsThe natural elasticity of the body fades as a person gets older. Because of this fact, the breasts can start to sag and stretch and make a person look older. A breast lift restores a youthful appearance to the breasts and enhances and improves their shape and contour.

In addition, patients that want additional volume to the breasts at the same time as a breast lift can have breast augmentation performed using breast implants. On the other hand, patients that want to see a smaller size to their breasts after a breast lift can have breast reduction performed in combination with the breast lift.

Ideal Breast Lift Candidates

Ideal candidates for a breast lift include:

  • People with breasts that have lost their shape
  • Patients with skin on the breasts that is stretched
  • Women with breasts that are elongated or they have flat breasts
  • Patients with breasts that have a size or look that is uneven
  • People with breasts that have started to sag or droop due to the aging process

Breast Lift Options

Options for breast liftsA breast lift, AKA mastopexy, is performed to improve the look of breasts that are sagging due to the aging process. Excess skin is removed during the surgery and then the surrounding tissue is tightened by the surgeon to reshape the appearance of the breast and give it a new, and rejuvenated, shape. The nipple and the areola (which is the darker skin located around the nipple) are reshaped and repositioned so the patient will enjoy a more youthful look to the breasts. A breast lift can also be performed at the same time as a tummy tuck or liposuction to provide the patient with a more rejuvenated appearance.

When the surgeon is preparing to perform the breast lift, there are multiple choices for the areas where the incisions can be placed. Incisions can be made around the areola, in a horizontal direction along the creases of the breasts or the incision can go downwards from the areola to the creases of the breasts.

In addition, the doctor might decide to place stitches deep within the breasts to reshape the breast tissue and also reduce the size of the areola (if this step is necessary). The surgeon will remove the designated amount of breast tissue and also move the nipple to a higher position so it will not be as droopy. The surgeon will then bring the remaining breast skin back together and close the created incisions with surgical tape or stitches.

Breast Lift Recovery

During the breast lift recovery process, many women will experience some initial discomfort after the surgery along with some bruising and swelling. Patients can also feel some tightness and this is especially true if the breast lift was performed at the same time as a breast augmentation procedure.  The swelling will continue to dissipate and patients will be able to notice some immediate changes in their appearance. In general, patients can return to work a week or two after having a breast lift.

Any scars that initially appear after a breast lift will tend to be red and/or lumpy in appearance. Even though the scars from a breast lift are going to be permanent, the scars will soften and become thin and white in appearance in a span of a year or two. Patients that don’t want their scars to be visible to others can usually hide them by wearing a bra.

Even if the patient did not have breast reduction performed at the same time as a breast lift, the bra size of the person will likely be a bit smaller because the breasts will be firmer and rounder in size and appearance.

Breast Lift Results

The results of a breast lift are usually not permanent because of the aging process. As a person becomes older, the skin will be subject to the effects of gravity and aging. Even though the results of breast lift will be long-lasting, they will not be permanent.

Breast Lift Consultation

Patients interested in undergoing a breast lift should schedule a consultation appointment with a surgeon so the doctor can examine the condition of the breasts as well as determine the overall health of the patient. Once the doctor concludes that the person is an ideal candidate for a breast lift, the doctor will sit down with the patient to discuss the desired results. The doctor will then let the person know if a breast lift is the ideal option to achieve the desired results. Once any and all questions and concerns have been addressed, the doctor can perform the breast lift on the patient.



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