Breast Implants – When Can You Start Exercising Again?

Posted April 04, 2023
Exercise after breast implants

The decision to get breast implants placed in the body is normally made by someone who wants to gain a larger and enhanced look to the breasts. Even though they allow a person to gain the desired size and shape to the breasts, one of the main concerns shared by some patients is a possible interruption in their exercise routine. Can your normal exercise routine be resumed immediately, or do you need to wait a certain period of time? Let’s find out!

Breast Implants and Exercise – Why You Need to Wait After Surgery

Breast implants and exerciseThe first thing to know about the placement of breast implants and exercise is that you need to follow the instructions provided by your doctor in order to enjoy a smooth recovery and to help achieve the desired results. While breast augmentation surgery can improve the appearance, confidence, and self-image of a person, a patient should not expect to instantly resume their daily exercise routine immediately after they have the procedure,

If you are a very active person who exercises on a regular basis, the idea of not being able to exercise on your normal schedule can be overwhelming and hard to accept. In addition, you might be anxious to view the new shape of your body in the hope that you will quickly achieve the desired appearance. You need to be careful and not rush the recovery process as resuming a regular exercise routine too quickly can extend the recovery period.

Breast Implants and Exercise – Don’t Rush the Process

Once the breast implants have been placed in the body, it is normally okay for you to start taking short walks after the procedure. These short walks are encouraged to help reduce the chances of a blood clot occurring during the recovery period. Having said that, you will need to avoid performing any type of strenuous exercise for several weeks. In addition, you will need to wait for approval from your doctor to resume your normal exercise plan.

You should also remember that the breast implants are placed above the chest muscle or below the chest muscle, so you need to take extra care to not negatively impact the area of the torso. You can accomplish this by avoiding exercise that puts a large amount of pressure on your chest or back such as shoulder exercises, chest exercises, and lifting weights,

In general, most patients have been able to properly heal and then resume their normal exercise routine within six weeks of the surgery.

Breast Implants and Exercise – Follow the Advice of Your Doctor

As mentioned earlier, your surgeon will give you a set of post-op instructions that will help guide you through the recovery process. These instructions will likely include a timeline that shows when you can resume certain exercises and this decision is based on the extent of the surgery, your health after the surgery, and the section of the body that will be impacted by the exercise. It is your responsibility to listen to the doctor and follow the guidelines set forth by the surgeon, so you can enjoy a successful recovery.

The idea of resuming your visits to the gym before your body is healed enough can be tempting but this could result in complications that can impact your overall health and the results you gain from the procedure. Exercising too soon after breast implant surgery can increase the swelling you are experiencing, make a scar look worse due to the stretching of stitches, and even cause an infection to occur in the area of the body where the necessary incisions were created by the doctor.

Breast Implants and Exercise – Don’t Worry, You Will Still Be Able to Exercise

The combination of breast implants and exercising on a regular basis work together to give you a shape and look to the body that you want to achieve on a long-term basis. There are some patients who are not sure about having breast implants placed in the body because they are afraid the implants will get in the way of enjoying an active lifestyle.

Do not worry! You will still be able to enjoy activities such as jogging, hiking, running, and lifting weights. Your new breast implants should not get in the way of you leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Before you have the procedure, you should discuss any concerns you have about any possible negative impact to your workout routine. Be sure and tell the doctor about the type of exercises you enjoy and the sports you play on a regular basis. The doctor can take these sports choices into account when developing a treatment plan that includes the proper breast implant choice and placement in the body for your individual medical needs.

You will also benefit from wearing a support bra on a regular basis when you are exercising after the surgery and you should also ask the doctor for approval when you want to start a new exercise activity soon after the procedure.

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