Breast Implants - "Drop And Fluff" Explained

Posted August 10, 2022
What is the drop and fluff for breast implants

The results of breast augmentation surgery can often be seen soon after the surgery, but it does take time to see the final results due to swelling and the body adjusting to its new shape. When it comes to having breast implants placed in the body, there is a step that needs to happen before the final results can become visible to others. This step or process is known as “drop and fluff” and this article will explain why this step is so important to patient recovery after breast implant surgery.

Breast Implants – What Does “Drop and Fluff” Mean?

What is drop and fluffWhen it comes to placing breast implants in the body, the words “drop and fluff” refer to the process of the breast implants settling into place after the breast augmentation surgery. When the recovery process begins, the breast implants will be higher on the chest, and they might also have a look that is squarer or flatter than the appearance desired by the patient. There is no need to worry about this occurrence as it is caused by the tightness of the skin and tighter muscle tissue. These conditions of the body will relax and resolve on their own as the breast implants “drop and fluff” during the recovery period.

As the tightness of the muscles starts to relax due to the muscles becoming used to the new breast implants in the body, the implants will settle into a more natural position on the chest (the “drop” part of the process). In addition, the breast implants will begin to fill out the lower section of the breasts (the “fluff” process). The “drop and fluff” process result in a smoother and well-rounded look that eliminates the temporary appearance of the breast implants being higher or flatter on the chest.

Breast Implants – How Long Does It Take to “Drop and Fluff”?

Once the breast implants are in place in the body, any initial bruising and swelling on the body should subside within a few weeks. After the bruising and swelling resolve on their own, the muscles of the patient should start to relax which will allow the breast implants to settle into place while the targeted area begins to soften. In general, the process of “dropping and fluffing” can take anywhere from three to six months so patients should not worry if they are not happy with, or have concerns about, the initial appearance of the breasts.

Each patient is different which means their total recovery process, including “drop and fluff,” happens at a different pace than other people they know. It is a natural part of the process and will happen at its own pace.

This also means that the look of the breast implants can change multiple times before the final results are visible. This is perfectly normal and there is no need to worry about these changes in appearance. Patients simply need to be patient and wait until the “drop and fluff” process has finished before they decide to contact their surgeon with any concerns they have about the results.

Breast Implants – Can The “Drop and Fluff” Process Happen Faster?

As mentioned above, each patient has a different healing process which means the amount of time it takes the body to start, and complete, the “drop and fluff” process depends on the individual healing process of each person. The most important step is to follow the instructions provided by the surgeon to help ensure a smooth and successful healing process.

There is not much a person can do to make the breast implants settle into their final position in a quicker manner. However, following the instructions provided by the surgeon will help the body heal and also reduce the risk of any complications occurring after the surgery. For example, patients who had breast augmentation surgery will need to wear a compression garment to help minimize any swelling and also avoid performing any kind of strenuous physical activities until they have permission to exercise or lift heavy items from their doctor.

“Drop and Fluff” – What if It Takes Longer Than Expected?

There are times when some patients experience a longer wait time when it comes to their breast implants settling into place. Once again, there is no need to worry as there are several reasons that can cause this delay.

Breast implants that are smaller in size and lighter in weight might take a longer time to “drop and fluff” than implants that are larger and heavier. While it might seem obvious to say, heavier breast implants also have the help of gravity to settle into place. In addition, textured breast implants often drop into place sooner than smoother implants because the textured breast implants experience a greater amount of friction against the adjoining tissue.

If the breast implants do not “drop and fluff” within three to six months after the procedure, or if there are complications such as bleeding and excess pain, patients should contact their surgeon for an examination of the body and to make sure there are not any complications preventing the proper healing of the body.

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