Breast Augmentation Surgery - Common Myths Exposed

Posted July 19, 2021
Myths about breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, which is also commonly known as a “boob job”, is the enhancement or enlargement of the breasts on a patient. The increased size of the breasts is achieved by placing breast implants (silicone or saline) behind the breasts. They can be placed above or below the pectoral muscled and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Patients that do not want to have breast augmentation surgery performed with breast implants can have the breasts enlarged thanks to the injection of fat harvested from another area on the body of the patient. The injection of fat adds volume to the breasts and give the person a fuller figure. Even though breast augmentation surgery is very popular, there are some common myths that surround the procedure and they are discussed below.

Breast Augmentation Myths Examined

The Breasts will Look Fake – It is true that some patients have breasts that are obviously enhanced or altered thanks to plastic surgery. The final, natural look of the breasts depends on the skill and decisions made by the plastic surgeon. An experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon will know to keep the size of the breast implants in proportion with the rest of the body of the patient. Implants that are too large for the frame of the body will provide an overly large and unnatural look to the breasts of a person. Smaller breast implants can often provide a more natural and balanced look with the rest of the body. In addition, the injection of too much fat that is harvested from another part of the body can cause the breasts to look overly large. The doctor needs to discuss the desired results with the patient during a consultation appointment so the surgeon can set realistic expectations when it comes to the size of the breasts and the natural look that the patient hopes to achieve.

Breast Implants Only Last for a Decade – Patients should know in advance that breast implants do not last a lifetime. They can last anywhere from 10-20 years unless they need to be removed or replaced sooner due to any type of complications or cosmetic concerns. Some of the reasons that breast implants will need to be replaced include the implants rupturing or deflating, the implants sitting too high or low after being placed in the body, asymmetry of the breasts and any type of tenderness, pain or long-lasting loss of sensation in the area of the body where the breasts implants were placed.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Takes a Long Time – In general, it can take two or three months for the breasts to assume their final position and for the body to adapt it its new shape. In addition to the breasts sitting high up on the chest immediately after the surgery, there will also be some swelling that will make them have a larger appearance than the final look that will be achieved once the recovery process is over. It will take abut six months for the final results to be visible to the patient, and to those viewing the breasts, after the surgery.

Breast Implants Cause Breast Cancer – In 2019, Allergan, a pharmaceutical company, recalled all BioCell textured breast implants after a request was made by the FDA. The request was made because the US Food and Drug Administration said the BioCell textured breast implants were linked to a rare type of lymphoma known as breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). In addition, the medical industry has transitioned to saline and silicone breast implants that mostly have a smooth surface. The transition was made after studies show these breast implants were deemed to be less likely to cause breast cancer to occur in a patient.

Breast Implant Surgery Causes Scarring – There a variety of methods used for placing breast implants including under the breasts, through the underarm axillary area and through the border of the areola. While the placement of the breast implants can result in some scarring, it might not always be visible depending on the size of the scar as well as the area of the body where the incision was made so the breast implants could be placed in the body.

Breast Augmentation Consultation Appointment

Once the common myths about breast augmentation are understood by patients, and they know the reality behind the procedure, they can schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing breast augmentation surgery.

The doctor can examine a patient to make sure the person is in good enough health to have the procedure. In addition, the surgeon will examine the current condition of the breasts and discuss the desired amount of enhancement or augmentation with the patient. It is important for the doctor to set realistic expectations so the surgeon and the patient will be in agreement when it comes to the final results of breast augmentation surgery.

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