Breast Augmentation Scars - How to Minimize Their Appearance

Posted May 31, 2021
Breast augmentation scars how to minimize them

Women that want breasts that are larger in size, and have a more youthful appearance, turn to breast augmentation to make the desired changes in the size, shape or contour of their breasts. One common concern that many patients have when it comes to breast augmentation surgery is the fear of visible scarring after the procedure. While some plastic surgeons say the best scars are made by the incisions they do not make (because a scar cannot form if the surgeon does not create an incision), there are also more practical methods to minimize the appearance of breast augmentation scars.

Breast Augmentation Scars – How to Treat Them after Surgery

How to Treat Breast Augmentation ScarsOnce the incision is made, and the surgery has been performed, patients will need to tend to the scar to try and reduce its appearance on the skin. Some of the most popular methods for physically treating a breast augmentation scar include:

  • Massage the scar with creams and oils to increase the blood flow to the treated area in order to speed up the healing process and flatten the scars
  • Wear pressure bandages to flatten the scar
  • Apply cortisone cream to soften the scar and reduce its size (once the wound has healed)
  • Apply silicone sheets directly onto the scar to reduce the thickness of its appearance and to keep the scar hydrated
  • Wear a support bra for the first few months after the surgery to provide the proper support to the breasts (as opposed to a wire bra that can rub the incision and cause it to be irritated)
  • Use an anti-bacterial cream to fight off any possible infection
  • Keep the incision area away from sunlight as UV rays can make a scar gain a darker appearance or use a high SPF sunscreen if being exposed to the sun is necessary
  • Drink plenty of water and follow a healthy and nutritious diet to help accelerate the healing process

Breast Augmentation Scars – Location is Key

One of the most important steps to minimizing the look of breast scars is choosing the right location for the incision. The determination of the placement of the incision, as well as the size of the incision, can play a big part in the visibility of the scar.

Breast Augmentation Scars Reduction – Follow the Instructions

When it comes to enjoying a successful recovery from breast augmentation surgery, it is imperative for patients to listen to their surgeon and follow the post-op instructions provided by the doctor.  One of the reasons patients need to make sure they visit a board-certified doctor is the knowledge and experience the doctor brings to the procedure.

The plastic surgeon will provide the necessary instructions to follow both before, and after, the surgery to lessen the risks of any complications. The doctor will also schedule follow-up appointments with the patient to monitor the recovery process and provide additional instructions and guidance (as needed).

Don’t be Impatient when it Comes to Breast Augmentation Scar Reduction

While it is okay to follow the steps listed in this article to try and heal as quickly and smoothly as possible, it is also important to give the body time to heal and not rush the process. In general, patients should leave the scars alone as much as possible to avoid the possibility of irritating or opening the scar. Any steps that a patient takes to treat the scars in an attempt to reduce or remove their appearance should be carefully considered to make sure it will not impact the final results of the actual procedure. In addition, the scars can often become soft and flat on their own over time so patients can simply let the body heal naturally on its own schedule.

Breast Augmentation Scar Minimizing – Ask a Doctor

Breast Augmentation Scar MinimizingWhile this sounds like a simple suggestion, it is not one that patients always follow or perform to address the issue of breast augmentation scars. Some people prefer to trust any information they find on the Internet and go with the online suggestions.

Anyone that is interested in having a breast augmentation procedure should schedule a consultation appointment before making the final decision to have the surgery. A consultation appointment is the opportunity for the patient to ask any and all questions they have in mind regarding the procedure and the recovery process.

They can ask questions about the visibility of the scars, the location of the scars and if there will be any way to minimize the scars. The patient should also ask to see any “before and after” images so they can get a better idea about the type of results they can expect to see after the surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is an ideal way for patients to gain the size and contour to the breasts they have always wanted. By following the instructions set forth by the plastic surgeon, patients can feel confident they will be able to reduce the appearance of their scars after the procedure.

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