Botox Gone Bad – Learn What to Do

Posted November 21, 2022
What to do if botox went bad

If you make the decision to have Botox placed in your face, you are likely expecting the final results to give you a younger and more refreshed look. However, there are times when the results will not be what you expect after the treatment. If this happens, your next step will be to seek out a medical solution that can improve your appearance and reverse the results of the first treatment. Is there something you can do to fix the results of a less than ideal Botox treatment so you can be happy with your results? Let’s find out in this informative article.

Plan Ahead to Prevent Less Than Ideal Botox Results

Plan Botox AheadOne of the first steps you should follow when planning to have Botox is researching your provider to make sure the person has the correct credentials to perform the treatment as well as the necessary experience to provide the desired results. In other words, it is easier for you to plan ahead by doing proper research instead of simply being hopeful that the person you choose is actually qualified and experienced.

When it comes to picking a Botox provider, the person should have the proper training and also have “before and after” photos of patients they have previously treated so you can get a good idea of the type of results you can expect to enjoy.

Even though it might sound like a fun idea to attend a “Botox Party” with your friends, there are times when the person who hosts the party might choose a provider who does not charge much per patient in order to save money on the event. Plus, Botox needs to be performed in a professional and sterile medical environment by a trained professional instead of being administered in a social situation.

Botox Professionals – Schedule a Consultation to Meet the Doctor

You should schedule a consultation appointment with the doctor you have in mind to perform the procedure. There is a chance that you have not met the person in advance so you will want to make sure you are comfortable with the medical provider. The consultation appointment is also your opportunity to discuss the goals you have in mind for the results and also voice any questions or concerns you have about the procedure. Plus, you can get a better look at the medical facility to make sure you do not notice anything that might be a cause for concern.

Some of the potential “red flags” you need to look for include:

  • The provider suggests performing the treatment at your home or somewhere else besides the office. As mentioned earlier, the performance of Botox (or any other injectables treatment), needs to be performed in a sterile location that is clean and a controlled environment. A professional and reputable provider should be prepared to perform the treatment in their office or some other medical facility.
  • Don’t pick a doctor based on the price of the treatment. Some medical providers might offer a “too good to be true” deal to get people in the door but that does not mean the person has the necessary medical skills and artistic eye that comes from years of training and experience to give results that are professional and natural in appearance.
  • It is also ideal to choose a doctor who specializes in injectable treatments instead of the person being someone who is a medical professional that specializes in other treatments such as cosmetic dentistry or breast augmentation. The choice of a medical professional who specializes in injectables treatments means you can feel confident in their abilities and skills.

Botox – What Causes Less Than Ideal Results

When Botox is injected into the targeted area on the body by a skilled medical professional with the proper training, the results should be a smoother look to the face and less wrinkles. If it is not performed properly, the results can look “frozen” instead of natural and youthful.

“Botched Botox’ can be the result of the Botox being injected into the patient in a superficial manner or injected too deep into the skin. In addition, a medical provider who does not have an intimate and professional knowledge of the anatomy of the face might not be aware of where to precisely place the Botox to achieve the desired results. Instead, the Botox might be placed in the incorrect section of the face or in the wrong muscle. In general, the best results can come from Botox that is placed in the area from the cheekbones to the upper area of the face.

While you certainly need to take care when choosing a medical provider for a Botox treatment, it is also important to make sure you accurately and effectively communicate your goals to the doctor. There are times when “bad Botox results” can be nothing more than a lack of communication between the patient and the doctor.

Keep in mind that Botox cannot be removed after it is placed in the body. If you are not happy with the final results, you will need to wait between four and six months for the product to resolve on its own.

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