The Best Breast Surgery Doctors in Beverly Hills

Posted January 11, 2018

Finding the best doctor for your medical needs can be difficult and confusing when it comes to cosmetic surgery. If you are unhappy with the size, shape or appearance of your breasts, Cosmetic Town can help you find the right doctor to achieve your desired appearance. The following is our 2018 list of the “Best Breast Surgery Doctors in Beverly Hills” as determined by the Cosmetic Town intelligent system:

  1. Jaime Schwartz, MD
  2. Kenneth Hughes, MD
  3. Stuart Linder, MD
  4. Jon Perlman, MD
  5. Michael Omidi, MD
  6. Payam Jarrahnejad, MD
  7. Malcolm Paul, MD
  8. Shahrad Rahban, MD
  9. Timothy Neavin, MD
  10. Justin Yovino, MD

Want to know more about the methods used by Cosmetic Town to determine the best breast surgery doctors in Beverly Hills?

Here are the criteria used to choose the top doctors in this article: Cosmetic Town makes it Easy to Find the Best Beverly Hills Doctors in 2018.

Breast surgery in Beverly Hills can take the form of a number of treatments including:

  • Breast reduction by removing excess fat, tissue and skin
  • Breast augmentation via breast implants or fat transfer
  • Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue
  • Mastectomy to remove one or both breasts (usually due to breast cancer)
  • Lumpectomy to remove a portion of the breast (normally due to breast cancer or a malignant tumor)

The type of breast surgery performed depends on the medical or aesthetic needs of the patient. A consultation with a board-certified Beverly Hills doctor can determine what type of breast surgery will best serve the needs of the patient.

Breast surgery is performed on patients who feel their breasts are naturally too small or have lost some volume due to pregnancy or weight loss. Beverly Hills is considered one of the top patient destinations for breast surgery due to the number of skilled surgeons in the area. Patients also travel to Beverly Hills thanks to celebrity breast surgery results they see on their favorite stars in the neighboring city of Los Angeles.



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